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    Chapter 7

    tab "What's with--what's with the lights?" I cry. Ok, I guess a better adjective is "complain". That flash temporarily blinded me for about three seconds. That never happened when I turned visible, and I would've remembered something like that. The man glances to me, then looks at Mr. Jacobs, and says,
    tab "New partner, Tom?" Thre was that word again..."Partner". Mr. Jacobs said he lost his last one, but how does this guy know that? Mr. Jacobs doesn't reply for a second, then says,
    tab "Yeah. New partner." The man laughs. I swear, he laughs.
    tab "You ever played BS, Tom? Because, frankly, I think you would really suck at it." He walks over to Mr. Jacobs and pats him on the souldier. Mr. Jacobs glances away for a second, but quickly regains his gaze on him.
    tab "No offense," the man continues, staring at Mr. Jacobs with rock hard eyes and a sly smile. The kind of evil smile you always read about in books, but only learn to hate when encountered with. "But you really need to get a better poker face." Mr. Jacobs doesn't say anything. What could he say? He just stands there and watches the man walk calmly over to the sink and wash his hands.
    tab "You know, Tom," he says as he brushes a couple strands of hair away from his eyes in front of the mirror. "I'm a little disappointed. I saw you take that kid with you from your last mission..." He turns around, and looks back at Mr. Jacobs.
    tab "Tom, Tom, Tom..." he chants, walking closer and closer to him every repeat. "What is your goal? To deprive a child of a life? You know this is not a children's game, Tom!"
    tab "He wanted to go," Mr. Jacobs defends with gritted teeth.
    tab "Are you telling me you were swayed by some middle school..."
    tab "High school," I correct. I can't help.
    tab "High school," the man repeats almost mockingly. "Are you telling me you were swayed by some high school kid?"
    tab "I couldn't object to him."
    tab "There were a million reasons to obect to him! And, please tell me that's not the reason you brought him. He wanted to come with you? How quaint." He pauses, and goes on,
    tab "Look, I knew you were "bad", but this! This crosses the line. Bringing irrelevent civilians from the past along for a hitchhike on the time traveling express...that a complete obstruction against even your rules." My wheels are spinning. Who is this guy? What rules? How does he know Mr. Jacobs? Was he from the other organanization Mr. Jacobs was talking about? How did he get here so fast, and become an employee? And, what the heck were those lights about?
    tab "Well, it was fune, but I gotta go," the man says, snapping me out of my off track thoughts. He walks briskly towards the door, and unlocks it. He crack it open, peeks outside, and says,
    tab "Oh, good timing, Adam! Did you want to..."
    tab "Yes" comes the low, gravely reply.
    tab "Here. They're all yours."
    tab "Good. Thank you."
    tab "Daniel!" Mr. Jacobs finally calls. The man turns his head the smallest increments, and replies,
    tab "Yes?" Mr. Jacobs swallows and stiffens his back.
    tab "Don't do this to yourself." Daniel doesn't reply. He just walks out, and in replace of his cames the large, burly clerk. In his hands...
    tab ...is the gun. Pointed right at us.
    tab "Thank you for the change," he growls. Literally. "But it's die time now." Die time? What the heck? I don't have to think about it, because then, the next moment...
    tab Crack!
    tab I glance around, and it only takes me a milisecond to realize what happened. Mr. Jacobs is on the ground, grunting, gasping for air. I glance back at Adam. His gun is pointed at me, and only one emotion is in me.
    tab Fear. I don't want to die. I never did, I guess, but when death is knocking at your door, that's pretty much the only thing you can think about. Not wanting to die.
    tab Purely out of adreneline, I jump out of the wheelchair, and dive under the sink.
    tab Crack!
    tab Another second the wheelchair and I would've been kissed by a bullet. Not a very nice kiss. Too close.
    tab My mind races. I'm sure that in a moment I would comfirm whether there is a God or not. I close my eyes and...
    tab Nothing comes. Atleast, not a gunshot. I hear a small "whap," open my eyes, and turn to see Adam on the ground, unconcious.
    tab Slowly, I start to crawl out of my hiding place. You can't imagine my surprise when I see Mr. Jacobs, shaking his right hand in pain. But that's not what I really expect to see him in pain from. "Fatally wounded" or "dead" would probably be more accurate.
    tab "Man...That guy's got a tough noggin." Not exactly what I expect to hear from a guy who's supposed to be dead. But there he is, fine and dandy. As if he never got shot.
    tab "What are you--I mean, how..." I try to find words to express the question, but can't.
    tab "How am I still alive and not dead?" he says for me. I shrug, a little to casually for the situation.
    tab "Well, yeah."
    tab "I'll tell you. Later. Now..." He bends over and scoops up the gun. He points it to Adam and says,
    tab "Do me a favor." The guy turns to him and spits,
    tab "What if...I says no?"
    tab "Then I'll shoot you." Whoah, there. I've never seen Mr. Jacobs like this, but then again, I've never seen a dead man become...not dead before, so what else is new. Adam shakes his head, and replies,
    tab "No favor. It's your die time, not mine." Suddenly, he grabs out another pistol from his pocket. Quick as a gunslinger.
    tab Crack!
    tab Mr. Jacobs stumbles back a couple steps, but other than that, shows no sign of pain. Adam looks shocked. I don't blame him. It's not every day that you shoot someone, and the only reaction you get from the person is him recoiling backwards a couple steps. Mr. Jacobs points his gun back at Adam.
    tab Crack!
    tab Adam's gun flies out of his hand. Mr. Jacobs rushes over to him and rams his right foot down into his chest. Hard. Adam writhes in pain. Not exactly the sight you'd expect to see from someone who looks like they went to WWE.
    tab "Let me ask you again," Mr. Jacobs seethes through gritted teeth. "I need you to do a favor for me." And just to quicken his decision, he leans closer and presses the gun point to his forehead. Beads of sweat are peeling down Adam's face as Mr. Jacobs goes on,
    tab "Do you want to now?"