• Marron could not let her go he pleaded with his life for her to stay. she asked him why he wanted her to stay so badly, but the sound of her voice shatterd, the already creaked, center of Marron. He told her how he had seen her that long winter's morning; how he followed her all that time and, had seen her watch the humans. He also told her that he could take her to the human towns, and markets. let her play at the banks of lakes, and rivers. but she'd have to disguise herself.
    Fire hesitated, she was set before her greatest temptation, being human, having flaws, to fall down, to create, not just watch over, and to love, with a bitter sweet heart. the thought of that much freedom wooed her to the darkness. she ageed to meet Marron tomarrow morning at the same clearing. Fire wanted to summon Water and tell him everything, but she realized her wrong doing. Water probablly would never want to see her again if she told his that she gave in to her temptation, that even he didn't know of, and also for keeping that temptation a secret from him. she'd have to keep it a secret from Water.