• Ouch. Now that hurt. I Alex Ros, a normal 16 year old, had not been expecting that. Feeling my stomach fall, feeling my heart skip a beat, and feelling my brain freeze with shock. It was a swift kiss, but I had made a huge grimace and to top that I twitched.

    I looked down at my shoes thinking of only her, and the guy she was with. I knew she was out of my league, what with my dark brown hair and my muddy green eyes. She was something else, Monique LaFiate, soft light brown hair, bronze skin, and caramel chocolate eyes. Even the way she smelled was great, like a chocolate vanilla cherry, but the guy who was with her looked past all of this some how. She knows I love her, I told her so. Her father preferred him though. The guy next to her knows nothing of this, he shouldn't because he is my best friend, Steven Carls. I heaved a sigh and stood up.

    " What's up? " , Steven asked.

    " Not having that which would make me whole ", I said.

    " Oh, is this about a girl? ", He pressured on.

    " Almost. ", I said shooting a glance at Monique who caught it then looked away.

    " How is this almost about a girl? ", he said.

    I hate him. "Look i'm going to sleep.", I said as I slumped of toward the camp site.

    To be continued...