• You know, when we look at things that are thought to be... lies, do we find that morally wrong? Sure, everyone grew up with the knowledge and the ethics that lying is truely a bad thing, but sometimes I think and wonder about "lying" itself. Why would we lie to people? Why do we hesitate to tell the truth? Well, I think I know the answer to that question. Let me tell you somthing about... the lies I'VE told, and how I actually feel about them.

    About three years ago, everytime I got hurt or did somthing that injured me, I've always lied to my family, friends, and my lover about my wounds and my conditions. I've always told them lies about what actually happened or how bad I was hurt. Sometimes I'd just told them there's nothing wrong with me. Living overseas was an advantage I've had about lying, so I've never told the flaws of my life in the Pacific. But my lover came overseas to see me, unexpectedly, and she saw my broken arm and bandages around my forehead. She looked at me with tears rolling down her eyes and started yelling at me for lying.

    At this point, I wanted to tell her how I felt and why I lied. I wanted to consider her feelings for me and not to worry about me. I didn't want her to worry about my wounds and flaws in the life I was currently living, so I lied to her and told her how safe I was here. That was my belief in lying, but then, she looked at and told me...

    "... You're over here, wounded, and living a hard life, and yet you've told me it was easy and safe. With that kind of thought, I was happy for you and I was glad you didn't have any kind of flaws in your life. But now... you know how that feels to me? It feels like I've just ignored you all this time when you were overseas, hurting yourself, living in an unsafe enviornment, and yet you tell me everything is fine. For god sakes, at LEAST Let me worry about you! That's the least I can do for you right now! I don't want feel I'm happy when I know that you're not safe. I'd rather feel worried about you all the time rather than feeling..."

    And then she cried all over my blooming shoulders. That's when I realized, sometimes you have to lie about things, for the one you consider feelings for, for the one you love. But.. I think your lover would want to go through the burden with you rather than just being unaware of the truth and feeling conent or happy.

    So my Conclusion? I would think... Lies are a neutral aspect of our lives. I mean, C'mon, I'm sure everyone lied at least once in their life time, wether it's stealing a cookie from a cookie jar or telling your lover that you're fine when you're not. We lie because we consider feelings for the ones you love and that's why we lie. This is somthing what scholars or philosophers would call... "White Lies".