• " Lily!" The voice behind me was familiar. I turned, and by the bar , I saw my brother , Alex, pushing his way through the crowds toward me.His hair was brushed back, and he looked nice in his leather jacket... wait, wasn't Alex supposed to have disappeared one or two months before?
    " Lily. " Alex breathed a sigh of relief as he reached me, and scooped me into a big bear hug. " Yeow, Alex, your squashing me!" I managed to squeeze out. Alex chuckled, and set me down." How've you been?" he laughed , and so began our conversation about school, work, home, etc. All the while, I kept on thinking " WHY ISNT HE DEAD!!! " All too soon, though , it was time for me to head back home. I said goodbye, and turned to leave , when he grabbed my shoulders and looked me in the eye. " Now, " he said seriously, " There was something you should want to ask me. ".

    I though for a moment, then remembered. " Wait, didn't you disappear a couple months ago? " He turned his face away from me, and seemed so forlorn that I wished I could slap myself for asking such a question. After a couple moments, he looked back at me. He was blinking tears from his eyes.
    " Not me, Lily. " He took a moment , then he whispered " My brother, Alex." Now I was confused. " What do yo-" he put a finger to my lips, and used his other hand to push me towards the bar's exit. " We need to talk." Outside in the ally the air was cool and crisp. The October winds blew into my ears and whipped my scarf into the air. I jumped to catch it , and missed. Behind me,
    " Alex "caught it neatly with two fingers. He wrapped it back around my neck for me, and sat on the doorstep. he patted the space next to him. I eagerly jumped down into the seat and leaned against his shoulder. It was unusually cold. " Lily." He laced his fingers through mine. " I know this might be hard for you to grasp. But the fact is, your brothers still alive somewhere. And I'm not him. I miss him just as much as you, Lily, though I've never... REALLY met him. "
    Now I was getting annoyed. Why won't he tell me who he is ?" The fact is, Lily ," he squeezed my hand tight. " I'm Alexs unborn twin. "

    To be continued...