• The thundering clouds and pouring rain made everything worse as I stood there, not knowing how to react. I turned my gaze towards him, the guy of my dreams. He felt my cold gaze and turned to return it to me. I didn't recognize the look he gave me though. It was something hatred and evil. We'd only share love, not hate. This was someone I didn't know. Yet, I loved him with all my heart. We understood each other, comforted each other, and loved each other. He'd wipe my tears away when I'd have a bad day. He'd hold me in his arms and whisper, "Everythings going to be okay," when I knew it wasn't. He'd kiss me when we shared special moments. And he cherished me more than he cherised his own life. I didn't think anything could've gone wrong with us...

    "You love me right?" I asked through tears. He stood on the wet pavement, quietly as I waited for a response.

    "Right?" I asked again.
    He shook his head and I collapsed to the ground. His arms caught me before I hit the pavement, and images started to flood my mind from times we'd spent together.

    "What did I do wrong?" I asked, weeping now.

    "It's my own fault for leading you on like this. I've never loved you. I've only watched over you. I don't belong here with you anymore, and I don't deserve your love." He said.

    I stared at him and wrapped my arms around his neck.

    "I want to wake up every morning and know you'll be right next to me. I want to runaway in your arms whenever somethings wrong, and I want to be with you. Nothing else matters." I confessed.

    He pulled my arms away from his neck and kissed my forehead.

    "You don't know how much I wish I could feel the same way." And with those words, he vanished.