• Chapter 2: School Starts
    Kauri woke up, feeling a little sick. She hoped the sick feeling was just because she wasn’t used to waking up at 6 in the morning. She continued to get ready as she had the previous year, so flawless it seemed as if she had never taken summer break.
    She got onto the bus, wondering how much longer she would be able to stand getting on the big yellow deathtrap. She had 6 months to go until she could get her tempts, making it 1 year until she could finally get her license. As the bus bumped up and down, she began getting the sickly feeling more. She hoped it would go away as soon as she was walking on solid ground. On some of the larger bumps, she could’ve sworn some throw-up had gotten halfway up her throat.
    She walked into the 116-year-old brick building; hoping some day it would cave in. She was greeted by many of her friends, wondering why she never saw them during the 3-month break. She now was officially a sophomore. She met with Carrie (her best friend since 4th grade) and Cameron (her senior boyfriend).
    “Hey Kauri! I haven’t seen you forever!” Carrie exclaimed. Her blonde curls bounced as she turned her attention from her boyfriend to her best friend.
    Kauri kind of laughed. “It’s only been 3 months,” she remarked.
    “It’s still been to long for her. She’s been talking about being excited to see you for the past week. Actually, it’s all she’s been talking about for the past week,” Cameron replied for Carrie. He had a light-brown color in his hair, which was a medium-length. The rest of him was pretty normal. He had a normal height, weight, and build, while Carrie is a little tall and she is normal weight.
    “Aww, I feel loved!” Kauri said, hugging them both at the same time. As soon as she was done, the 1st bell rang, signaling she only had 4 minutes to get to her homeroom. “Well, I better get going… I got to get to the 3rd floor,” she said as she left the trashy basement.