• Long ago, a girl and her Mum went to the market to buy and sell goods. When they were there, her Mum always told her to never stray too far from their trade shop, because the market was so large one could get lost. This is where the intro ends and the story begins.

    The young girls name was Lauren, and she was a frightfully curious. Normally, she listened to her Mum, Natasha, but she was the type who could never stay in one place for long. One day, Natasha told Lauren to go the the wine market area to get some wine & cheese. When she got there, she noticed something, different, something odd. What was it... Oh! The prince, Prince Eric was there to buy cheese and wine also! Lauren had never seen the prince, but she ad heard about him. she had heard he was gentle and kind, and always wondered if this was true. Now then, to what Eric did & saw. Now, Eric was kind, but he HATED animals if they were lions and tigers and bears. Oh my! rofl Eric saw a young pesant girl waiting patiently for him to finish. He said to her, "Please go ahead, I don't mind!" And as she went to say thank you, something wonderful happened. They looked at each other in the eyes and then... then it was love at first sight. Of course, the young girl was Lauren, and because of that, this is when the story gets crazy...

    "Thank you" I said as I went up... oh.... he had the most beautiful apperance and was very kind. I thought to myself, "I think I'm in love.........." heart heart heart Not wanting to make a fool of herself, she got the cheese and wine and dashed off. "Mum, mum!!" "Yes Love?" "I-I saw the Prince!" Lauren cried out as quietly as she could, so she wouldn't be noticed. "Love, now you know the Prince doesn't talk to commeners. Now where is that cheese and wine I asked you to get? Did you forget it?" "No Mum. Here is the Wine and Cheese." I said, wanting to say something, but knowing she would never listen. My Mum is as stubborn as a goat!

    Ah... I say as the young girl walks away. I wish I had got her name! She was as fair as the moon with eyes like pearls and hair like spun gold... I think I'm in love! heart heart heart heart . "Father, may I have a ball to see all of the ladies in the land?' "Even the... p-pesants?" My dad hated ones that were not of royal blood. 'Yes father, so I may marry of love, plus, we are the only kingdom in 6,000 miles!" "Okay son, but on one condition." "What is that Father?" "We give your bride a royal blessing." Okay." "Good! Jolly good! I will send our messengers to send out the news!

    crying End of Part 1! (Out of two) crying