• It was a stormy night in Orlando I was visiting one of my old covens, known as the Roland Coven, a coven full of exceptionally strong and skillful vampires .Jimmy, the leader of the coven, and Jennifer,his mate, were both fighting over which one was more important to the coven.They continued their conversation as something powerful struck the house upstairs.I,having hearing far better than any other vampire in the house and in my present coven,was the only one to hear it. i headed upstairs not warning anyone about what i heard, walked into my old room, now a room to the most recent member of te coven,lisa, and saw a vampire twice her size attacking her from behind .His scent was unknown to me so i attacked full aware of my surroundings. I pushed Lisa into the wall and grabbed the unknown vampire by the throught and asked, "What is your buissenes here?"he smirked and pushed me off and ran toward Lisa, I then ran behind him, grabbed him from behind, and bit his neck and ripped his head off.
    Lisa laughed and said,"Thank you, i was sure i was about to die." I replied, "Anytime,your apart of an old coven so it was sort of something i had to do, so you dont have to repay me."
    She giggled and said," I wasnt plaining on repaying you.".
    I replied, "Your lucky i have special hearing that allows me to hear things that others cant."
    "well arent you going to tell jimmy "
    "Well he'll find out, i mean there's a broken window in his house and a carcuss with a decapetated head."
    "Oh yeah i forgot about that ill just burn the body and umm....."
    "yeah umm... im going to go tell him so he can make sure our little visitor is dead."
    She rushed down stairs and before she could say anything i was in front of her holding her back.i yelled, "Jimmy there's a dead vampire and a broken glass in lisa's room." Jimmy jumped up and rushed into the room as i followed and once we reached the room there was no body on the floor nor anywhere in the room.
    Jimmy said" what kind of sick joke are you trying to pull her" Lisa and I looked at each other with fear in our eyes and she said,"he was right here."
    Jimmy said,"oh yeah, well where is he now and you better tell me or the will be a vampire dead on the floor." Lisa started crying and screamed,"Jimmy he was right here we saw him,his head was ripped of and blood was everywhere."
    "Oh yeah well there is one thing you need to know vampires dont die unless their heart is destroyed."
    I replied,"oh, i've seem to have forgotten that."
    Jimmy said,"so you attempted t kill him without withdrawing information on his coven's whereabouts"
    "Jimmy this guy wasnt apart of a coven because if he was he would have had a way better attack planned unless he was wishing for death, and besides when i did try to get information he darted for Lisa."
    Jimmy rushed to my side and said,"go home before anything else happens." I rushed out and ran home. TO BE CONTINUED