• “Have you got everything ready to go mate?” Ron asked Harry.
    Harry looked on the floor and nodded. Today was the big day. He was going to marry the woman he loved. He was ready to raise a family and start a new life with Ginny Weasley. He was a little nervous, but that didn’t matter. He knew this day would come. This was nothing like battling Lord Voldemort. Voldemort almost seemed a piece of cake compared to this. Harry chuckled slightly at the thought.
    “What’s funny?” Ron asked.
    “It’s just. I was thinking, oh your going to think this is crazy. But, I was thinking that killing Voldemort was a piece of cake compared to well, this,” Harry said.
    He looked at Ron. Waiting for the laughter. None came.
    “I thought you’d laugh,” Harry said to Ron’s silence.
    “No, because…actually you’ve taken a bigger step than I have. I want to marry Hermione, I really do. But, it seems like it will be hard to ask her. She’s all into her Regulation for Control of Magical Creature’s and S.P.E.W., it seems like I never really get to see her much anymore. And me, with all the Auror training. Well, I don’t see how you plucked up the courage to ask Ginny to marry you. How’d you do it?” Ron said.
    Harry stared at him. Ron never really showed his feelings like this. Harry was rather surprised.
    “Well, I…well. I love her you know. And I, I want to spend the rest of my life with Ginny. You know that. And you know I’d do anything for her and help her if she needs it and I’d never let any harm come to her,” Harry tried to explain.
    “Yeah, I get that,” Ron looked down at the watch that his mum had given him for his seventeenth birthday.
    “You better get out there. I’ll be right behind you,” Ron said.
    Harry nodded. He tried to flatten his as always stubbornly messy hair. It didn’t work. He put the brush down and walked out the door of Ron’s bedroom and down the familiar stairs of the Burrow. He could hear Ron following behind him every step he took. Once he reached the door to the outside he could hear the murmuring of all the people he knew, and probably some that he didn’t know. He opened the door and he was met by a sudden silence. He then walked along the red carpet leading to the spot where he would claim Ginny as his wife.
    Every eye was on him. He spotted Neville and Luna sitting together; Luna’s hands were folded on her round stomach. Kingsley Shacklebolt sat next to Professor McGonagall who was wiping tears out of her eyes. Hagrid was sitting in the back with Madam Maxime. Grawp was not present, it would have been hard to get him there without Muggles noticing. Cho Chang and Roger Davies sat together with their hands entwined. Slughorn, Pompfrey, Lockhart (though a little confused), and many other teachers he had had at school were there. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley were sitting in the front row. Harry saw that Mrs. Weasley was had silent tears were crawling down her face. Fleur and Bill sat in the same row as Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, Fleur also had a roundness to her stomach now. Charlie and his girlfriend Esmeralda, George and Angelina Johnson, Lee Jordan, all friends still even after the death of Fred, all sat together in the same row.
    So many people, yet so many people who weren’t there to view this moment. Harry thought to himself that he hoped all the people who had passed that he once and still loved were up in the heavens watching him. We are always watching you, a voice said. Harry almost gasped in shock but he remembered that people were watching him. The voice belonged to Dumbledore and he smiled. Of course, Dumbledore would find his own was of communicating with him.
    The wedding looked much the same as it had for Bill and Fleur. Harry and Ginny had chosen the Weasley’s backyard because they knew it was everyone would gather. They had both had wonderful times in their back yard and knew that when it was set up for a wedding it was the most beautiful place on earth.
    The wedding song began to play and Ron patted him on the shoulder as a sign of good luck. Harry watched as the bridesmaids, Hermione at the front of the row, and men walked forward. The flower girls came next. They were some nieces of Ginny’s family, and finally Ginny and her father.
    Harry watched as the door he had just come out of moments ago open and out came his soon to be wife. She wore a beautiful embroidered white dress. She looked just amazing. Harry was too interested in her face to really look at the dress much. She walked forward step by step. Harry could see Mr. Weasley whispering words to her. She was looking at him as she was. Her face was beaming. Her hair was put up in an elegant bun with some of the hair hanging loose. Once they stepped up to where Harry was Mr. Weasley gave his only daughter a hug and walked toward his wife and sat down. Harry could see that he too had tears in his eyes.
    Ginny looked at him with love in her eyes when she stepped up to him. The Ministry Wizard who was qualified to pronounce a man and woman married stood before them, ready to give his speech. Harry had heard it so many times now that he ignored it and just watched Ginny and waited for his line to say I do and put the ring on her finger.
    Ginny was so stunningly beautiful. He was glad he had asked her to marry him. He could remember the day he asked her. He was at the Weasley’s the day she arrived home from her last day at Hogwarts. They had been writing all year long devoting their love to each other with words. Ginny entered the Burrow and Harry asked her to come with him. She looked at him with a little confusion. He took her outside where there was the porch swing. He sat her down and he bent down on one knee. She immediately knew what he was doing, he could see it in her eyes. ‘Ginny, will you marry me,’ he had said. Ginny looked at him with a huge grin on her face and said, ‘yes.’ She wrapped her arms around him. The Weasley’s called for them and came outside to see what they were up to. Mrs. Weasley nearly had a heart attack when she realized her little girl was going to be married. She was more than happy and so was Ginny.
    “Do you Harry James Potter, take this woman to have and to hold in sickness and in health for as long as you both shall live?”
    “I do,” Harry said coming back to earth.
    “And do you, Ginerva Molly Weasley take this man to have and to hold in sickness and in health for long as you both shall live?”
    “I do,” Ginny said.
    “The rings,” the speaker said.
    Two children walked forward with both Harry’s and Ginny’s ring. The boy gave Harry the ring that he was to put on Ginny’s finger and the girl gave Ginny the ring that she was to place on Harry’s finger. They both opened the box at the same the and Harry went first. He took the ring from the box and placed it on Ginny’s wedding finger.
    It was Ginny’s turn next, she took the ring from the box and placed it on Ginny’s wedding finger. They both handed the boxes to the children without taking their eyes off each other.
    “You may kiss the bride,” the speaker said.
    Harry beamed, Ginny beamed back. This was the moment they had been waiting for. Harry lifted the veil from her face and pulled her forward around the waist and gave her a long and passionate kiss. It took a few people clearing their throats for them to stop. Harry didn’t want to let go.
    They released from the kiss but kept hold of each other and turned to face their family and friends. They had all begun to clap. Hermione and Ron led the way out and the bridesmaids and grooms walked out after. Harry and Ginny followed and they walked back into the Weasley house as planned. There had been many camera flashes in the process.
    “Well done mate,” Ron said once they were inside and patting him on the shoulder.
    “Aw Ginny, I’m so proud of you,” Hermione said trying to hug Ginny with Harry’s arms already around Ginny’s waist.
    “When you throwing those flowers again Gin?” Ron asked.
    “Why Ron? I’ve already told you about a hundred times. I’ll throw it at the end of the party. We have to wait for mum and dad to give us the word to come out though. They have to get the party set-up. Oh, Harry. I can’t believe that you were able to get The Weird Sisters to sing tonight. I’m so happy,” Ginny said.
    “It was nothing. You know how I inherited all of my parents fortune. Well, they couldn’t refuse my pay, and they were already willing when they realized who they were going to performing for. Well, let’s just say it wasn’t hard to persuade them into performing here tonight,” Harry replied.
    Ginny just nodded and leaned on Harry looking into his eyes lovingly.
    “Where is it we’re going Harry?” Ginny asked.
    Harry had a surprise trip planned for their honeymoon. Only Ron, Hermione, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley knew about it and they all promised not to tell Ginny. Harry was planning on taking Ginny to Hawaii in America. It would be a long flight yes, and that was all she had told her so far.
    “Not yet. You’ll find out when we get there,” Harry replied mockingly.
    “Oh, Harry! Please! Please, tell me! I’m dying to know!” Ginny wailed.
    “No dear, you’ll find out soon enough,” Harry replied stroking her hair.
    The bridesmaides and men all went outside to help minus Ron and Hermione who stayed with Harry and Ginny.
    “You’re going to have a wonderful time Ginny. I’m so jealous, I’ve never been,” Hermione said.
    Harry rolled his eyes. Couldn’t girls just drop the subject, but no they couldn’t.
    “Hermione, please tell me,” Ginny begged.
    “No, Ginny. I swore not to tell. Harry’s right, you’ll find out soon enough,” Hermione replied folding her arms.
    Ginny frowned and Harry hugged her. Ginny smiled at him and gave him those puppy dog eyes that always usually worked to give on to what she wanted.
    “No Gin. You can wait, just sit here and enjoy this time with me,” Harry replied.
    Ginny nodded but Harry knew she wasn’t satisfied. She would beg him all night to find out where they were going. And the plane ride was going to be miserable because he knew that she was going to keep on begging to know where they were going.
    Harry sighed and laid his head on Ginny, placing his hand in hers, glad that were finally together for a long as they lived.
    He didn’t have to worry about Horcruxes, Voldemort, or anything at all for that matter. He could enjoy the rest of his life in peace. He smiled at the thought and watched Ron and Hermione whispering together. He wondered when Ron would tie the knot with her too, but knew he was a little slow with the girls and he expected it to be awhile before another wedding came around.