• Today our world holds no boundrys. what we dont't know ,what we are jealos of, and what we are scared of we destroy. Is that right of us? Does that make us any less of a monster then what we are killing? Is man not already a monster? We hunt, and we kill, and we atomaticly dismiss things that we fear could be true. This makes us vonarable. This makes us weak.
    Today our world is cruel, unsafe, and unloving. We destroy the only place we have to live and for what? So that we may something we want rather then somthing we need? So that we may have million doller homes and cars, when in reality we need none of this. And what about all of the legends and myths? If they were real tell me the truth. would you hunt them? Would you join the peaple in hunting the werewolves, the vampires, and shapeshifters?
    Would you expose them for what they are? Or expose us for what WE realy are? Monsters. Man is a monster in itself. Maybe we aren't the hunter but the hunted. Its about time man realize the way we live can no longer go on. Its time to face the fact, that we are destroying ourselves, eachouther, and our world. It is time for man to once again go back to the older ways. To get rid of these racist acts. To stop killing. Stop runing from the fact that all we want is power. and to be dominant. Today e need to stop. look what we have done, and realize its time for us to stop being what we are. for us to stop being.....monsters.
    Think about it, man is making plantations factorys and for what, so that we can have toys? so that we can have things we DONT need. Man will kill animal off of this planet until there are none left and then what? Are we the next act of food? We have to stand up! its time for us to stop being distructive to the land! let us fight and destroy what is destroying us!