• Chapter 6

    When Cara reach home, her mom, Adrianna Black, told her that Helen want to stay with them for awhile. Aunt Nora agreed to that. Cara didn't know if this a good news or a bad news. She love the little kid but she needs her personal space. She groaned but she knew she couldn't win the argument with her mom. Her mom always has the upper hand and the answers if she argue with her.

    Cara reached her room and heard Helen talking to someone. The door was open a bit. She leaned to the room and peeked in her room. She can see Helen patting her bear, Giffy.

    "Cara don't trust me... I did try to explain to her... I know her friend Naomi in danger too but what can I do...." It was Helen voice.

    "I can't... I'm sorry Sir Kip... She won't listen to me. I know u can't be two place at one time. Why do u think I asked mom to let me stay with Cara? We are only in danger at night right? Cara behind the door?" Helen turned around and a bit shocked when seeing Cara there.

    "Helen?" Cara pushed her door open and walked towards Helen. "Who did u talked too just now?"

    "Sir Kip." Helen tried not to look Cara on the eyes. Her focus is on her bear.

    "Whose Sir Kip?" Cara sat on the floor and took Helen in her arm.

    "He said hes your guardian spirit." Helen look at her for a minute then looked down to her bear again.

    "Oh he is?" Cara tried not to sound mean or anything that might hurt Helen's feeling. Sir Kip must be one of her imaginary friends. She used to have a lot of them. She have outgrown them. Well Cara thought Helen was.

    "Helen, you know you are now too big for an imaginary friend..." Cara kissed Helen's head.

    "Hes not imaginary. He told me that you have been dreaming about ladies with wings." replied Helen. Cara stopped stroking Helen's hair. Cara thought that Helen must have read her dream journal.

    "Okay... Helen... do u remember what we talked about snooping on other people diaries? Cara tried not to be harsh with her.

    "I didn't snoop....You don't trust me... I told Sir Kippy... you won't trust me," Helen stand up and run outside the room. Sobbing.

    Cara felt bad making Helen cried like that. She sighed and land her body on the bed.


    "Oh s**t." Cara can tell from how her mom shouting that she's in a big trouble. She hurriedly went to her mom in the kitchen.

    "Cara, why did you make Helen cried? Don't even try to deny it! Only the three of us in this house right now. Since its not me, its you." her mom said it crossly.

    "She was reading my stuffs, mom. I didn't even yell at her about it.." Cara tried to defend herself.

    "You are older than her. You should try to be more considerate. Take her to buy an ice cream. While you are at it, buy the groceries too." Her mom handed her the shopping list and the money for it.

    "Mom, I just got back...." Cara groaned. She rolled her eyes. She knew her mom would asked her to go anyway even though she didn't make Helen cry. It was too perfect since her mom already written a long list for it.

    "No buts. Go" her mom waves her away. Ohya, Zach called just now. He need a lift to his martial art training place today. He just found out his car won't start."

    "Oh?" Cara face lightened up. She just found the best slave to carried the grocery bags. His class starts at 5pm anyway. Cara looked at her watch. Yup, she have 5 hours to use Zach today.

    She dialed Zach's number. "Zach, i can give you a lift to your class but you have to help me with something. Oh just a little tiny favor." Cara put her evil grinned on her face.