• ~Prologue~

    I've been fighting it all night. I'm going to lose. My battle is futile and a lost cause. Nature wins out. It always does. It's nearly two A.M., and I can still feel the sharp pangs of death.

    My heart beats so fast I have to gulp for air. I clench my eyes shut, willing the sensations to stop but they don't. I could feel the venom spreading through my body. But this was only the beginning, the worst still hasn't taken it's toul. I hear a deadly scream and I shiver to the realization that it was my own.

    My temples begin to throb. The rage forms a tight ball in my gut and threatens to explode. Just as I begin to let another blood curdling scream loose everything's quiet. I try to pry my eye's open but after a minute I gave in to the darkness that welcomed me.

    Minutes, hours, days passed by unnoticed. I slowly regained consciousness, stretched and and tryed to blink. The hell had passed already leaving me lying on a bed in heapes of sweat. Once I got passed the feeling of dizziness I looked around. The world has mutated to all aspects. The world could be seen further than the human eye and the smells that now could stretch for miles was excruciating. It reeks of human spoor. I also found that my slight headache was caused by the noises that surrounded me.

    I gracefully strode to the bathroom to look in the mirror. To my surprise I hadn't changed much, but at the same time I was unnrecognizeable. My skin had grown pale enough to be compared to porcelain and my eyes. Once the color of bright topaz was now the color of pure, rich, honey gold sparking with a cold intelligence and a simmering ferocity that could be mistaken for anything but human. You could also say that I had a faint glow, an unnatural perfection of beauty. A perfection that could make any girl cringe in jealousy.

    As I continued to soak in the new me I also relized that I was hungry. A gurgling erupted from my stomach's empty pit. A light step, yet sounded as if blasting in my ear, made me hurl around to face my intruder. As I stood, crouched in a ready attack position, my memory slowely relaxed my tense muscles. I looked him up and down, I recognized the scent. There was only one person in the world that could melt my heart and make my knee's buckle. His gaze stared at me intensely, and I cringed under the force of it. It all came flooding back in arush so strong that I was sure even my new body would fall.

    We'd made a deal. My mortality and life, for his companionship and survival.


    To Be Continued. . . . .maybe