• I never imagined myself to be some famous actor or become some professional athlete, but i did want to do something with my life. I'm one of those guys who imagines themselves to be a knight in shining armor ready to sweep a beautiful girl off her feet, that's what i wanted to do with my life. Yeah right. I've never had a girlfriend least of all talked to a girl for more than 10 seconds. I don't understand ,and neither do my friends, why i can't even speak to a girl. My friends always imagined me to be a ladies' man since I'm not a jerk like them. Oh well. I can live my life single for the rest of my life watching anime so i won't be judged. So that's pretty much what i think about everyday on my way back home from high school, too bad this wasn't a normal day back home.
    As I made it to the road leading to my grandma's home, I saw a girl around my age looking at the white and pink bushes on the side of the road. What's she doing here? I thought. This was the quiet place in town where only a handful of people lived. While i made my way towards her she stopped and looked at my direction. She gave me the most friendly smile I've ever seen and instantly turned my cheeks pink.
    "Hello." She said to me.
    "Uh-um-hi" I stuttered.
    "Do you live around here? I just came to visit my mom's new house."
    "Yes. You don't live with your mom?"
    Her smile vanished and she looked down to here feet.
    "Oh. I didn't mean to ask such a personal question forget it." I said quickly.
    "No it's okay i was just thinking. Oh and yes I do live with my dad."
    "I see." I felt awkward. This is the longest I've ever spoken to a girl and I think I've already offended her.
    "Oh!" She exclaimed. It seemed she had forgotten all about my earlier question." You go to Ridgecrest High? Hmm. Well i guess I'll be seeing you there."
    I'm going to see her again? Maybe I'll have a chance! "Really? That's great. Are you in 10th grade like me?"
    "Yep. Even though I missed the first month here I'll be around."
    "So what class---"
    "Subie! Dad will be coming soon come and say bye!" She turned around and I looked ahead. I was a young boy probably her younger brother.
    " Okay! I'm coming. I guess I'll see you around." She then waved and ran off. I was beginning to walk when she shouted to me, "Hey! What's your name?"
    "Hiroshi. Okay. My names Subie. Remember that! Bye!" I waved then waited until I couldn't see her or her brother anymore to start walking again. Maybe she'll be there on Monday. I thought. I can't wait.

    To Be Continued? Maybe