• I walked through the streets, not knowing where I was. There were blinding lights everywhere. There were people screaming at the top of their lungs. There were also strange people everywhere. Many were half naked and probably drunk. I looked up and saw that the stars were no where to be seen. The sky was a deep blue, thanks to the glow from all the city lights.

    I, in a white, baggy, long-sleeved dress, walked on, oblivious to the fact that a drunken man was following me. I turned the corner and saw that there I was in complete darkness. My long, curly, black hair shined behind me, making it hard for the stalker man to see me in the dark. I turned and saw that the man had many other people with him.

    "Look over there!" he shouted, "That girl... I want her!" After hearing those words, I carefully walked across the brush. Okay, walk quietly... quietly...

    I must have taken a wrong step, because I suddenly heard a different voice shouting, "There! I see her! Think of all the money we'll get from that drunken idiot if we catch her! Go on! Get her!" he shouted as they all charged at me. I stood there, not knowing what to do. Why me?

    My feet were like cement. They felt as if they weighed a thousand pounds. I couldn’t move, nor could I speak. Since I could do nothing, I weighed my options.

    One option was a natural reaction. I could scream. But, what good would it do if I was miles away from the city. No one would here me even if I tried. There was no one out here. Well, except those guys running at me, but still. No one would care.

    My second option was to just let it happen. If I get taken and used as a slave, I might actually have a place to go home to. That wouldn’t be so bad. It would be better than wandering around the streets all day and night with stalker people.

    While weighing my options, I didn’t notice multiple shadows moving swiftly in the darkness. "Look out you idiot!" was what I heard when I suddenly fell on my back. I sat up and saw there three boys fending of the huge men from coming at me.

    "Run!" the one with the red hair shouted, "Go to the pier! We'll meet you there!"

    "You p-promise?" I sobbed, moisture building up in my eyes. Why was I crying? Aren’t I supposed to be happy? Ugh, this is so not time to think of this now!

    "We promise! Now go!" the boys all yelled together.

    “Don’t worry, we’ll definitely come back and get you,” the one with the blonde hair shouted. “Just wait for us!”

    I nodded in response. Scared out of my wits, I ran to the pier, surprised that there were not many people around. I ran block after city block to get as far as I could away from the fight. I could still hear the sound of punches and kicks being thrown after a few minutes of my nonstop running. Buckets of tears streamed own my cheeks as I ran.

    I finally made it to the pier. Since the pier is not very close to the city, the stars were now visible. They twinkled, like close friends, welcoming me when as if I had come home from a long journey. Surprisingly, the salty sea smell with the twinkling stars soothed me.

    I walked to the end of the pier, my tears no longer flowing. I ran out of tears a long time ago. I sat on the edge of the pier, my legs and my dress dangling a few feet above the dark, black water. I breathed in the fresh, salty smell of the sea. My thick, black hair barely lifted of my shoulders, which, surprisingly, left me feeling refreshed.

    I waited on the edge of the pier. The nighttime breeze caressing me like a small child in the arms of its mother, I slowly drifted to sleep.