• Chapter 18

    Shana groaned as she slipped on her black jacket. She really didn't want to go shopping for clothes.

    "Come on Shana...it won't be that bad" Meighan said slipping on her sweatshirt.

    "Of course it isn't going to be bad for you...it was your idea in the first place" Shana mumbled.

    Meighan rolled her eyes and went to catch up with Claire and Carol.

    "Well maybe I could find a better hairdresser..." Shana mumbled noticing her hair was getting longer.

    "Ooo let's go to that one first!" Katrin said pointing to a weapon shop.

    "Katrin we're shopping for clothes not weapons" Meighan said.

    "Aw come on...shopping for clothes is boring!" Katrin whined.

    "I'm with Katrin on this one" Shana said. "Besides...I have to go find a hairdresser"

    Shana then started to walk away.

    "Ok I'll just pick out an outfit for you" Meighan said.

    Shana stopped and turned around.

    "You're not picking out any of my clothes" Shana said.

    Meighan smiled and started walking towards the clothing store. The rest followed.
    *Clothing store*

    Shana was rummaging through some pants and found long black dress pants. It was not too frilly and not to floppy. She decided she liked them and went to go find shirts.

    Meighan was searching through long skirts and halter tops.

    "Hey Shana...how about you wear this shirt?" Meighan said showing one of the halter tops she found.

    Shana looked at the shirt.

    "No way" Shana said and took out a red elbow sleeved shirt.

    "Come on Shana...it would look good on you...I think Deidara would like it" Meighan pestered.

    "I'm not wearing it!" Shana stated and went to go pay for the clothes she found.

    Meighan frowned.

    "It's alright Meighan...I'll wear it" Claire said quickly so Meighan wouldn't cry.

    "Umm...could you show me where you found that? If it's not too much trouble..." Someone asked tapping Meighan on the shoulder.

    Meighan turned and saw a girl with a red robe with black designs on it. Her hair was long and silver. Her eyes were crimson red and she had tan skin. Her shirt was grey along with black pants and black sandals.

    "Sure it's no problem" Meighan beamed and showed her to the isle. "So what's your name?"

    "Rose...Rose Shi" Rose said looking through the line of clothing.

    "So...what school do you go to?" Meighan asked.

    "None right now...but starting Monday I'll be going to Akatsuki High School..." Rose said taking out a silver halter top.

    "Oh really...me and my friends go to that school" Meighan said.

    "Really...that's cool..." Rose said.

    "I was thinking...tomorrow my friends and I are going to a dance club...wanna come?" Meighan asked.

    "Umm...I dunno..." Rose said unsure.

    "Oh come on...it'll be fun" Meighan insisted.

    "Well...I guess I have the weekend off..." Rose hesitated.

    "Great! Here's my address...come by at 6 ok?" Meighan said and handed Rose a paper.

    Meighan then left to finish her shopping.