• As she walked along the path in the strange, quiet woods, she noticed a chilly sense in the air, despite the fact it was the middle of summer, in the middle of the day, and the weather called for clear skies and lots of sunshine. Lucinda Jones was not your ordinary 15-year-old teenage girl. She had her dyed purple with blue and white streaks, she wore loud and bright colors, not to mention her rainbow knee-socks, that she wore everyday. Some kids at her school call her, "Loony Jones," or, "Loony Lucinda," but she didn't mind the attention. In fact, since she had moved to Riverblossom Hills, only a week ago, she had attracted more people than anyone could.
    Lucinda Luna Jones loved to explore new places, like a child. She wandered around a lot ever since she could crawl. In fact, Luna was wandering about the neighbors' yard, looking for something she could do, for she was bored. Just then, the neighbors' son, Damian Wettz, had walked outside his front door to find a very colorful girl prancing about his lawn.
    "Hey, um...Lucinda, what are you doing in my front yard?" he asked Luna politely, not mentioning her nicknames to her.
    "Huh? Oh, I'm terribly sorry, Damian, but I was bored, and kinda lost at the same time. Wanna hang out?" Lucinda asked him. She had a small crush on him since she saw him the first day she moved to Riverblossom Hills, the first time he spoke to her...

    "Hey, need any help, new neighbors?" Damian asked Lucinda. "I could help you if you need it, I mean..." His voice trailed off as he looked upon her hair, wild and colorful, all the way down to her rainbow socks and her red flat shoes. "Uh...what's with the get-up?"
    "Huh? Oh, this is the way I always dress," Lucinda said. "By the way, my name is Lucinda. Lucinda Luna Jones. And you are?"
    "I'm Damian Wettz. W-E-T-T-Z is how it's spelled. Where's your folks?"
    "Oh, I've lived on my own since my parents died in a car accident two years ago. I was 13."
    "I'm sorry to hear that. Well, if you need some company, I live on your left." Damian walked back to his house, looking back at her every few steps in case she called back for some help moving her stuff into her new house. She didn't call for him, yet she wanted to...

    "Sure, I'd love to hang out. Grab a slice of pizza? I know the place. It's not far from here," Damian said, answering her question. He walked her down the road for about half a mile to downtown, where everyone goes to hang out with friends. She had never seen downtown Riverblossom Hills before, because the school is more uptown. She followed Damian to the pizza parlor, Pizza Palooza. A few kids turned heads, following the rainbow with their eyes, whispering and giggling. Lucinda didn't mind one bit. She loved it. Damian told her not to take notice to it, but Lucinda had no intentions of following orders.
    "Hey everyone, Damian's dating a rainbow! Maybe he got a pot of gold!" One kid was daring to shout. Everyone else at Pizza Palooza laughed at Lucinda. She turned red, then spun around in a huff.
    "You have no right to call me a rainbow. I am Lucinda Jones, professional writer. You're just glad I follow my motto: I'm a writer, not a fighter. If I didn't have that motto, I'd kick...your...a**...all over this joint!" Lucinda exploded in front of the kid. He stared at her in complete shock. Her hair turned black, and so did her clothes, all the way down to her rainbow socks and her red flat shoes. Then, she started to glow a bright purple. The kid suddenly turned into a purple puddle of mush at her feet. "Anyone else want to mess with me?"
    All the kids, including Damian, shook their heads. Lucinda stopped glowing, and her clothes and hair became their original state, colorful and loud. Lucinda fainted.

    Half an hour later, Lucinda woke up in her bedroom in her house. Damian was sitting in a chair next to her, patting her head with a damp cloth. He looked pale from shock.
    "I am so sorry you had to see that. You see, I'm a witch. I can morph myself and other people into whatever I please. Don't worry, though. They turn back to what they were after fifteen minutes. But, I didn't want anyone to see that. I had only done that once before. My parents were arguing in the car on the way home from vacation two years ago. I got mad at them, and I turned them into statues. I had transported out of the car, and it crashed into a mountain. My parents, still statues, were crushed and broken into small pieces. Fifteen minutes later, they morphed back, but not in one piece. They were dead. I transported back to my house to sell it. It took two years to sell my house, and I decided to come here, to write another book about a teenager who starts a new life at a new school, in a new town in a new state, in fact, in a new country. Same as me. I am from Ireland. That is why I exploded about the whole 'pot of gold' thing. I'm so sorry..." Lucinda explained. Damian leaned over to kiss her. He did, and turned into a puddle of oatmeal. He turned back to a human almost immediately. When he did, though, Lucinda was gone. In fact, he was in his own house, and when he looked to see where Lucinda's house was, it wasn't there. It was as if Lucinda had never existed, because no one had heard of a Lucinda Jones at the school. The teachers had no idea what Damian was talking about. There was no record of Lucinda being at that school, or any other school.