• One night while you were fast sleep, you dreamed of a strange and beautiful place. The grass was green and blooming with tiny violet flowers. Around you were many white marble pillars, most tipped over or collapsed into sections. It appeared to be dusk, yet there was a strange soft glow to this place.

    You peered around at the curious surroundings. That's when you saw it. A deep blue dragon soaring towards you. Strangely enough, you didn't run. The dragon landed a yard or two away from you and bowed her head.

    Greetings, mortal. You heard in a young woman's voice. You looked around, trying to find the source of the it. The voice you are hearing is coming from the dragon before you. she explained. You stared ahead at the dragon once more. Her deep cobalt hide bore no scales, her underbelly a shade of cerulian, as well as the fur running down her back and the membrane of her wings. Her eyes glowed an almost white shade of blue.

    I am Lorreth the Dreamer. I am the guardian of this realm and the eldest sibling of Milana'Kal. I bear no threat to you, as you are no threat to me.

    I bet you are wondering what this place is exactly. It is the Shrine of Dreams, a sanctuary for the dreaming minds of mortals. It is here that you and anyone else may take refuge from the nightmares that ravage this realm.

    I know what you're probably wondering. Do I breath flames? No. I bear no element as my weapon. Instead I rely on my own spirit to do my bidding. I attack the mind and leave unrepairable* damage. Compared to most dragons I am rather frail, but my powerful soul makes up for my small vessel.

    She raises her head and lets forth a roar from her glowing jaws. Before you know it a more human-like version of the dragon stands before you, clad in a strange robe with intricate designs. Her glowing eyes seem to stare right at your soul. Obviously she could shape-shift.

    There is nothing more I have to say about myself. I welcome you to the dream realm. A small smile appears on her face before she turns and walks away.

    May the wind beneath your wings forever stay strong...