• No one knows why they are here, and no one knows how, but the are here make no mistake.

    David Sponner, happened to be at the tender and corruptable age of seven when he saw his first. Before the encounter, he was a simple child, with no fears, and no angers. It began when he heard a rumbling in a hedge he walked by. As curious children do, he looked inside. A pair of large slanted purple eyes stared back at him. It tackled him from the bushes and pinned him to the sidewalk. long, white, slimy hair, slopped around on its head. It was pale yellow, with those same terrifiying purple, slanted eyes. Its skin was scaly and rough. David was scared to his limits as he stared into its eyes. He cringed as it let out a strange unearthly howl. He put his feet on its chest and pushed, but it made the beast growl, much like a dog. Then he noticed, his swiss army knife slide from his pocket. He picked it up, flicked it open and stuck the blade into it's neck. black blood spewed from the neck as it gasped hopelessly for air. Little David ran home after that. For the rest of his childhood, he continued to fear dark places, and grew paronoid when he walked by bushes, open doors with the lights out, and even the night itself. Then, as he grew to become a young man, the age of thirteen, he grew fasinated with them. He read the local news paper article on the monster, which was ruled out as a deformed dog, and searched online for other monsters. He saw pictures from other people who claimed to see creatures, and he named each of them. Some examples are: Riptail, the bald white creature with a tail which seemed ripped apart by a shark.
    raptor roach, the cockroach that stood like a raptor, and ate like one, and the one he could not name, it's four triangle shaped eyes in the shape of a circle, and eight octopus legs that it walked on, as he saw because no name was video taped. He tried for years, and years to prove to his friends and mother of their existence, until he finnally got his day. A small monster, with balls of fluff on its body, and eight eyes, that walked like a centipede creeped into his locker. David ran to Mr. Fullerton, the science teacher, to ask him for a pickle jar. He opened the locker and it flew at him, to his luck landed in the jar, which he spun shut quickly, he took it home and sat by it, as it stared at him. He put his finger up to the jar, and the creature spung at the finger, it revealed a chain of teeth that looked able to grind rocks moved back and forth. So he dropped a pebble in the jar, and the creature ground it up. David did not sleep that night, he tested it even more. He shut off the lights and tapped the glass, and it sprung at his finger again, so it could hear. He dropped one rock sprayed with axe in the jar, and one soaked in dirty water in the jar. It ate neither, which could mean that it has the ability to smell. The next morning, he brought it to school in it's jar, and at the end of the day, posted a sign that read: Monsters exist! Meet in the library after school.
    To his expectance, only a few people came, but oddly, there were no alien fanatics, only a few sci-fi ers, the rest were regular people like he used to be. He revealed the little jar on a table and everyone squinted to see the monster. They all moved closer, and one person, his friend Matt, said: "That thing isn't real, it isnt moving."
    "Tap the glass, Matt." Said David, and the monster jumped at Matt's finger as it did David's. A few of the people were freaked out and left. The rest remain, today with David, a part of:
    Mahsu, which consists of twenty people. keep up on these, comment and get gold, seriously comment!