• Chapter 5
    I ran to my bedroom and sat down.It was such a close call.That woman was mad and now I had to figure out who she was.Zack,first.I reached into my bag and pulled out Zack's book.I opened it.Then,it suddenly burst into light.The book was shaking and I was trying to hold it.Then,I was sucked in.I was still in my room an dth ebook was in my hand.It was blank.I stood up and walked to the door.A burst of sunlight hit me and the camp was busy.ack walked past me except he was wearing an old old century suit.A boy with pure black hair ame to him.Charles?The man asked.Yes,I know they will be attacking soon.No,Charles,your wife.She is having the child.What!Where is she?We have taken her underground.Head their immeadetly please.Charles?I wondered.Wife?Child?That wasn't Zack.I followed the man named Charles.I wasn't at camp.He was running towards the woods.Then he went to the King Tree.He punched it until a little door opened.I followed him down underneath the ground.Then I saw her.The beautifulest woman I had ever seen long aqua colored hair white skin and blue eyes.She was holding a baby.He had snow white hair.His skin was pale like his mothers,but his eyes were blaring red like his fathers.Then he yawned.He had two long fangs.The woman looked up at her husband.I know it is not a typical name,but I want him to be named Zack.Sweetheart that.I am his mother I gave birth to him and he is Zack.Her hair had become tangled and she was sweating.Yes,dear.Then,the colors began to tiwst and turn until I was spit back to my time.
    The book now had words.Zack Christian born:October 9,1801.I stared.1801-2009.Whoa.I thought.Then the book pulled me back in.This time I landed right in front of the house.The woman I had seen earlier with black hair was walking into the house.I folowed.Zack dear child,you must except your fate.No!I don't want to be 18 forever!Well,you will.Either that or you come to me.I want ever come to you Scarlet.You are a witch!Zack snarled.Scarlet looked at him you had better watch that tongue.She took her long fingers and gently slid them over his cheek.You tell anyone and that pretty face won't be pretty long.She smiled a deep smile.He snarled at her.Calm down boy.I can help you.Your baby sister,Avril I believe?I can heal her.She can be the same as you and me,but she could die.She is very sick.Zack's eyes fell and he stopped.You can save her.I can do anything dear child.Scarlet smiled.It's just the price you have to worry about.He looked at her.Here.A neckalice?Zack said.That vile on the other end is what you are going to use.Use for what?He asked.If you want your sister alive you will slip this in your mothers' drink.What?It isn't anything.It is just something to keep her health up.Yes.I will it is just for health,right?Yes.Scarlet smiled.Zack you must hurry or your sister will die at 5 o'clock if you don't have this in your mom's drink.Off with you!She said and smiled.Zack ran off.Hmm.No one wil expect this.Zack killing his own mother.Then,his sister's illness killing her.I wasn't spit out I was traveled to another time.
    Big brother.Avril cried.It's okay,I am right here.You'll get better you have to get better.I watched on as he held his sister and cried.I love you she said.Her eyes were a weak blue and her once dream blond hair had faded into almost whiteness.It's okay.Zack was crying,too.Her fever was beyond the limits a five-year-old could take.Zack your the best big brother ever.She said then her eyes closed and her bretah stopped.NO!You can't die.You can't!He cried.I watched him.I was crying.Scarlet had lied and now his sister was dead.Then I remembered his mother.A man burst into the room Zack!Zack didn't even look up.She is dead he cried.Your mother just became gravely ill.NOOO!He screamed.We switched again this time to his mother.They were walking a little path in a large exotic graden.I know you are still overwhlemed with your sister's death.Mom,I can't lie.I slipped something in your drink.Zack started crying she told me that it would make sure you stayed healthy and she said that was what I had to do for Avril to live!She lied mom!He cried.Who?Sweetheart?She had grabbed him.Scarlet.That witch her home will be burned.She is the queen of the dark vampires!Zack never go near her she is a liar she only wishes for you.She wants you to become evil.Suddenly I was jolted into the present.The sun had come up and new writing was on the book and what I read made me doubt everything I had ever known.Zack-Vampire since birth pureblood prince.I stared then shut the book and slipped it into my bag.I went to change for school.