• ...

    May awoke and blinked against the Saturday morning sunlight. She breathed deeply through her nose and got out of the cream colored sheets and stretched.

    May got her brush and pulled it through her smooth red hair and stared at her pale skin and freckles. May had never considered herself pretty, just average.

    "don't be silly," Sam's voice told May in her head, "you're the most beautiful girl I have ever seen" May smiled and looked again at the mirror. This time she notices the large green eyes, and the rosy cheeks. 'you are pretty' she smiled to herself.

    She reached over and grabbed a pen on her desk and crossed off the day ofJune 3rd 1962. Only 7 more months and her beloved Sam would be with her again.

    May got dressed quickly and went downstairs to make herself some tea. she sat down neatly and grabbed last week's paper. She frowned at the war stories and put the newspaper down, taking a book instead.

    Usually on Saturday Mornings, May and Sam would go for bike rides, or go to the beach. But for one year 4 months and two days May would read the paper looking at the names of people who had died, making sure Sam wasn't on the list of dead, or missing.

    May closed her eyes and let the warmth of the sunny kitchen spread on her face, feeling as if the world was smiling at her.

    "Miss. May Bloomind?" May jumped at the sound of her voice. She got up and smoothed her skirt. A man in a Post Office uniform stood on other side of the screen door.

    "yes? May I help you?" May asked politely and opened the door.

    "you have a letter miss." He handed over a crumpled letter and returned to his bike, and rode off.

    May Looked at the dust filling the air for a moment and then went back inside.

    At that moment, everything seemed to crash against her.

    the second May opened the letter and read the first few sentences,she feel on her knees and burst into tears, the letter lying open a few feet away from her..

    "We are sorry to inform you that Sam Whindello was killed in a bombing attack. on May 19..."