• A bright light appears from nowhere, and strange people surround me. I start to feel safe until I see their faces. Each one with looks you could never imagine, when suddenly, one gets closer to me, and starts to whisper something in my ear.
    "...soon... come... destruction..." Came the voice.

    With that I awoke in a fright, not knowing if what I had just heard were a warning, or just some crazed nightmare. I didn't think much of it until the next night. The same thing happened, I had a nightmare of the creepy people, and the one that whispers, only this time it were more loudly.
    "We...soon...will come... destruction of..." Came the voice once more.

    Now I know some people will think it's an on-going dream but oh-no, I knew it were something more. I desperately tried to find out what it meant. Surely it does not mean the world, would it? I searched and searched but to no prevail, could I find out what the voice had warned. I thought that sleep would be the only answer. Once again, came the voice from the man.
    "We must... soon it will come... destruction of..." Came the voice in my ear.

    Now I was certain something would happen, but this time I knew what to do. I ran to the school and warned all, that destruction will soon fall upon us all, but all they did was laugh. Since that moment I knew it was a lost cause. Maybe I was wrong, maybe something else? I fell asleep once more.
    "We must... soon it will come... destruction of... shopping mall..." Came the voice in my ear.

    This time I knew the Mall should be warned. Many people came and went, but not a single one listened to me. What was I to do? No one would listen. Maybe it was meant to happen, nothing that I could do. Soon I fell into a daze once more.
    "We must continue, soon it will come, the destruction of..." Came the voice in my ear.

    Maybe I was wrong, there was nothing about the shopping mall. Maybe I dreamed that bit up? But now I knew that something would be destroyed, and I set out to find what. I searched again, far and wide, thinking the fifth day would provide with some help. All I found were some dusty old bags, every here and there. Maybe they were part of a plan? That night, I was determined to find out more.
    "We must continue, soon it will come the destruction of... Old time school," Came the voice in my head.

    Maybe i was right the first time, maybe it was the school? But what help would that be? No one listened to me before, how could I do it now? I was now ready with a plan. I were to barricade the front doors before anyone could get there, with the hope no one would enter. With luck, no one did, one view of it, no one would enter it. That night I went asleep happy.
    "We must continue, soon it will come the destruction of our old time school, and... shopping mall," came the voice in my head.

    I awoke with a fright, maybe what I thought was wrong? There was going to be destruction involving both! I went out to find the school first. Unfortunately, the placed had been fenced, no one could get in. I asked a man what had happened. He told me that since the place was barricaded, a business got their wish of owning the place, and were to destroy it. I did what I could, but to no prevail, no one would believe me that I did it to stop people entering. It was not long until they set the bulldozers to knock it down.

    Once it had started, a child got in and I ran in after them while the workmen stopped. I ran from room to room trying to find the child. I soon found her in what I presume was her classroom. I tried to reason with her, but she would not leave. That is when a strange man came in. He said that he were to be the new owner. His voice sounded familiar, but from where? That is when we all left.

    I walked back into the crowd, to do nothing but watch. when the man stepped up with a megaphone, and said something to both the people, and construction crew. That is when I knew where I knew him from. Not from books or T.V., but from the once place anyone like me would know. This is what he had said.
    "We must continue, soon it will come the destruction of our old time school, and make way for our new shopping mall!"