• tab I woke up and got dressed in a pair of black skater jeans and a black Metallica shirt. My hair stayed unbrushed but I did brush my teeth. After that was done, I hopped on my motorcycle and drove to school. I was one of the first there, so I automatically headed to my first period math class. I was staring out the window and touching the mark on my forehead. The demon was talking to someone, and he didn't realize I was listening. I heard the door open and someone sat at the desk next to me. By this time the demon was talking to me. "When you see the angels mouthpiece, kill her." He laughed.
    tab "Hi Marco." I would recognize that voice anywhere. It was Danni Shawn. Her soft voice was next to me. I turned towards her and my eyes were drawn to the bright mark on her forehead. No way was I killing the girl I was in love with.
    tab "Hey." I stared into her lovely gray-blue eyes.
    tab "Marco! You're the demons mouthpiece!" Danni gasped. My arm stretched towards her. Her arm reached for mine. When they touched, I felt a shock and a nice burn. "Marco..." I felt myself leaning towards her. She was leaning towards me too.
    tab "Danni." Her beautiful eyes closed and one of my hands curved gently around her delicate cheek. I closed my eyes and pressed my lips to hers. Something happened. I'd meant to kiss her softly but that went down the tubes as soon as our lips touched. Fire scorched me and my breath came in a wild gasp. Her soft fingers tangled in my hair and our lips moved together. We broke apart gasping for air. I stared down into her lovely eyes. She placed her soft hand on my cheek.
    tab "Marco..." She whispered my name.
    tab "Danni." I pressed my lips to her forehead. The hand that wasn't touching my face accidently touched the bright mark on her forehead. She went pale and jerked away from me, pulling her hand from the mark. She fell off the desk and hit the ground. I rushed over to where she had landed. "Danni! Are you all right?" I knelt down next to her. She looked up at me with tears streaking down her beautiful face.
    tab "The angel! She wants me to kill you!" She looked so scared. I pulled her into my arms and held her while she cried into my shoulder.
    tab "The demon wants me to kill you as well. But I can't kill what I love." I pressed my lips to her hair.
    tab She looked up at me. "You love me?" Her voice was barely above a whisper. She was still frightened but I saw the wonder written clearly in her eyes.
    tab "Yeah. I've loved you since the first day we met. Are you okay Danni?" She was staring at me incredulously.
    tab "The first day we met? That was 6 years ago!" She looked thoughtful for a moment. "I realize now that I love you too."