• 4. That One Night
    We reached the restaurant 5 minutes later, he still hadn’t explained everything, but we were getting to that. He asked for a booth with some privacy and so the waitress seated us and left so we had a chance to look at our menus.
    “We don’t eat,” he started, “We drink.”
    “Blood?” of course. This made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I knew he would never hurt me, but the thought of innocent people dying scared me a little.
    “We drink animal blood, Abby. No need to get scared.” He reassured me with a smile. Animal blood? I knew he wasn’t lying, this calmed me. But animal blood couldn’t taste as good. Could it?
    “Your right, it’s not as… satisfying.”
    “And can you eat regular food?” I was curious.
    “We can, we just choose not to. We can’t survive off it.”
    "But what about dinner that night at my house?"
    "Please don't repeat this to your mom, but it was discusting."
    “Promise! I take it you don’t sleep.”
    “You got that right.”
    “What do you do with your free time, since you seem to have a lot of it?”
    He paused. He seemed to be waiting for something. A few moments later the waitress came over.
    “What can I get you to drink?” she asked Josh ─not me─ looking at him with a big smile.
    “A coke.” I answered.
    “And for you?” she said still looking at Josh; she was trying to get his attention. She was attracted to him. Just like everyone else, great.
    “Nothing for me tonight.” He said simply without taking his eyes off of me.
    She looked at me for the first time, huffed, and then walked away. I repeated the question in once more in my head, so, what do you do?
    “I…I’d rather not say.” He whispered.
    “Please?” I asked, looking up at him through my long lashes.
    “Well, for the past few weeks, I…I’ve been, watching over you.
    “Like, watching me… while I sleep?” I blushed at that.
    “Not really, I run around the perimeter of your house, listening to you dream.” He explained. How could he be spilling this out to me?
    “Abby, I love you. I could watch you dream forever if that’s what it took to be with you. I love you, now, forever, and always.” He whispered, grabbing my hand and intertwining our fingers. We were interrupted by the waitress, who cleared her throat nervously. I looked up and blushed again.
    “Here is your coke,” she said coldly as she sat it down on my coaster, “What would you like to eat?” she demanded, I could tell she wanted to get away as soon as possible.
    I hadn’t chosen yet, so I looked down and said the first thing I saw, “Chicken quesadilla, please.”
    She said nothing, looked from me to Josh again, rolled her eyes and walked away. What was that all about? I thought.
    “She was just wondering why someone like me could love someone like you. I clearly see no problem with that. You are utterly the most beautiful thing man has ever created.” I blushed and he kissed me again.
    “So, what was up with Aaron?”
    “Well,” he sighed, “your blood has the sweetest scent, he was like me the first day I met you. He just couldn’t resist. He knew I would hurt him if he ever did anything to you. So he was trying not to breathe.”
    “Trying not to breathe?”
    “Yes, we don’t need air, but it helps us hunt.”
    “Yes, we hunt for our food.”
    A thought occurred to me then, “Was that where Jessica and Daniel were?”
    “Yes. You catch on pretty fast.”
    “Thank you. So, since you, Annie, and Daniel are Carlos and Yvette’s real children, does that mean vampires can have kids?”
    “No. That’s just a cover story. Because people would be specious if we told them that they adopted all of us. They would probably think that Annie and Aaron, and Jessica and Daniel were like secretly married or something.”
    “Are they?”
    “Actually, yes they are.”
    “Really? How long have they been together?”
    “Annie and Aaron both say about over one hundred years and Jessica and Daniel have been together for almost a ninety years now.”
    “Wow. How old are you guys?”
    “Carlos is a little over 200, I am 158, Yvette is 108, Aaron is 253, Annie is 122, Jessica is 99, and Daniel is 87.”
    “And you never had anyone in those 158 years?”
    “I do now.” he said with a smile squeezing my fingers very gently, then let go.
    Our waitress came back with big smile on her face, seeing that our fingers were no longer together. She dropped the plate right in front of me and turned to Josh, “Are you sure that I cannot get anything for you.” She said biting her lip, truly flirting.
    I sighed heavily and Josh turned, looked her strait in the eye and said, “Look, I don’t want anything. Now I would really love it if you would stop trying to flirt with me in front of my girlfriend.” I blushed at the word. Girlfriend? Really? I smiled.
    “Oh, my bad. I didn’t know that you were with her.” She said coldly.
    “Well clearly if I’m holding her hand and telling her I love her, than yes. I’m with her. And I intend on being with her for a while.”
    “Okay, my apologies. He’s your check.” She handed it to him and swiftly walked away.

    I woke up that night, ice cold. I searched around the place franticly looking for a blanket. “I’m sorry, did I wake you?” a voice from beside me asked. I gasped. “It’s okay,” the voice said to me, “It’s just me, Josh.”
    “Josh? Oh my gosh! Don’t scare me like that.”
    “Who did you think it was? Are any of your other friends this cold?” he whispered sarcastically.
    “No, but I’m not used to waking up lying in bed with a block of ice.” I joked back.
    “Well I can go back out side and run again, if you want me to.”
    “No!” I almost yelled.
    “Shhh! Your mom is sleeping in the other room you know.”
    “We’re at my house?”
    “Yeah, did you really think I’ll just leave you at my house without your mom knowing? That’s really irresponsible of me.”
    “But I fell asleep on your couch when we got back. Did you bring me home or something?”
    “Yes. I carried you all the way home. You know, so your mom doesn’t wonder why my car is in your drive way tomorrow morning.”
    “You carried me home?”
    “I am pretty strong you know, and fast.”
    “What’d you do? Run?” I joked.
    “Actually, yes,” he said seriously.
    “Oh. Well, thank you for taking me home and for… staying with me.”
    “Well, it was either this, or running. And I’d choose this over running any day.” He whispered in my ear. I bit my lip and pulled his face to mine before I went unconscious once again.

    When I woke the next morning I was sweating. My shirt was stuck to my skin and my face was all sticky. There was no evidence of anything cold in my bed, just me gasping for the cool air coming from my open window. I pushed off the heavy blankets that once separated me from him and searched my room with my eyes for his reassuring smile, but found nothing. I cursed quietly under my breath and got out of bed to clean myself up.
    When I was slowly waking up in the shower, I started to wonder if last night was all a dream. Waking up to Josh in my room, watching the movie with him holding me, his cold skin against my warm skin, our hands intertwined, the beautiful and rude waitress, when I forced our lips fiercely together just moments before I told him those three sincere words, getting ordered to run when I was told about what he really was… vampire.
    I stopped in the middle of squeezing the shampoo into my hand and dropped the bottle. I froze. No matter how warm the water was against my skin, I was frozen sold. I stood there till I slowly defrosted from my moment of remembering. I finished with my shower in a hurry.
    I got dressed without thinking and ran down to the kitchen. My mom was gone. I had no idea where she would be, but I didn’t care. I grabbed my keys and ran into my car. I hoped in without knowing where I was going. I screamed when I saw a figure in the passenger seat.
    “Calm down, love. It’s only me.” Josh said.
    “Well, you could have stayed in my room or I wouldn’t be freaking out like this.”
    “I had to go home and change sometime. I stayed out because when I got here you were in the shower, and I knew you wouldn’t forgive me if you accidently dropped your towel when you saw me lying on your bed.”
    “Well, I would have defiantly screamed. But thanks anyways for giving me some privacy.”
    “Your welcome.” He said leaning over to kiss me.
    “So last night was real…” I whispered against his lips.
    “Oh, that. Yeah I was sort of listening to you when you were in the shower. And yes, everything that you remember happening was all true.”
    “Even the…” I didn’t finish. I knew he already knew where I was going with the whole thing when I first thought of it.
    “Vampire? Yes, my family and I are vampires.”
    “Well, at least I’m happy that it’s all true. Every single bit of it.” I said as I grabbed is hand.
    “So, what are we doing today?”
    “We? Well, I don’t know.”
    “Let’s go somewhere special.”
    “And where is this special place?” I asked.
    “Just somewhere I used to go before you moved here.”
    “Okay. Would you like to drive?” I said hesitantly. I was scared he might break my tiny car driving at the speed he normally does.
    “How about we go get my car?”
    “Don’t worry. You weren’t awake last night when I brought you home; this might be something you want to see.”
    “Wha-” I tried to say, he was too fast for me. He was out of the car, to my side, and I was slung to his back before I could finish. He ran normally towards the nearest forest, and then when we were secured by the great green walls, he took off running at top speed.
    His breath didn’t increase speed, it just stayed normal like if he were walking, not sprinting. “Close your eyes,” he said, and I obeyed.
    We reached his house in no time and he sat me down on the lawn to rest and slow my pounding heart beat. “Woah.”
    “Did you like it?” he said as he put a flower from the garden behind my ear.
    “It was amazing, like flying.” I said breathless.
    “And you wonder why we love to do it.”
    “I never sa-” I stopped myself.
    “No, you never did say that. But you did think it.”
    “It’s really easy to forget things around you.”
    “I can tell. But I love it when your mind goes wild when I do this.” He said as he kissed me gently. He backed away after a few seconds. “Your heart is like a sweet symphony when we touch.”
    “My mind and my body just love you way too much.”
    He smiled as he helped me up from the ground.
    “So, are we going?”
    “Oh, just a little place where I like to think.” He said as he opened my door.
    “Are you ever going to tell me?”
    “Nope.” He said with a smile as he got in on his side.
    “Well, if you’re kidnapping me, I could probably live with that.” I said as I kissed him. He was my new life, and I was in love with it.

    5. Our Special Place

    He drove at top speed down the empty highway, leaving behind my new home, diving to the middle of nowhere.
    “It’s not the middle of nowhere, it’s the middle of somewhere, but people just don’t really go there anymore,” he explained.
    “Then where are we going?” I demanded.
    “You don’t like being surprised, do you?”
    “Okay, okay. We’re almost there; it’s just behind that hill.” He said as we started to drive towards a mountain.
    “A hill?! That looks like a freaking mountain!”
    “Okay, so maybe it’s a little bigger to you than it is to me, but don’t worry, we’re almost there, love.”
    “Okay.” I pouted.
    When we finally passed the huge mountain, he slowed down extremely; we started strolling down the road looking at the ruins. Everything was old and rusty.
    “What is this place?” I finally whispered.
    “This was where I was born.” He said softly as we stopped in the parking lot of an old movie theater.
    “This is where you were what?”
    “This is where I was born. In 1851, there was a hospital where this theater is. It burned down eighteen years later, when I turned into a vampire.” He said, as he helped me out of the car.
    “But, why?”
    “When Carlos bit me, I went crazy after I woke up. I started to kill everyone in the hospital.”
    “Why were you in the hospital?”
    “I had heart cancer, only seconds left of my life actually. From miles away, Carlos could hear my shuddering heart, so he ran faster than you can imagine, just to save me.” He shook his head like trying to make the bad memories go away, “Well, after the venom stopped spreading and I had woken up, Carlos tried to explain to me what I was and what he did. I was out of my mind thirsty that I couldn’t even register what he was trying to say. So I ran as fast as I could out of the room, to the nearest human with flowing blood.” He explained as we walked into one of the empty auditoriums.
    I was so lost in his words that my mind was trying to picture all of this, it wasn’t very hard. I pictured him running down the halls and accidentally bumping into a nurse so hard, he shattered her bones. I pictured him sucking her blood until she turned pale white, to helpless and weak to do anything.
    “That was exactly how it was, just running in and out of the doors looking for more blood. That was all I could think of was blood, blood, blood. It was seriously torture.” He said through clenched teeth.
    “I bet,” was my best response.
    “After hours of draining people, Carlos found me again and just simply told me to stop.”
    “And you obeyed?” I asked, as he helped me sit on the huge stage while he just stood in front of me, staring into my eyes, telling his story.
    “I had to. I can’t really explain what sort of… dominance, I had towards Carlos. It was like, he was the Alfa and I was just part of the pack.” He said, choosing his words carefully.
    “It must have taken a lot more than just one word to stop you, right?”
    “Actually yes, it did. When he found me, I was just finishing off the last living person, he came up to me and looked me strait in the eyes and told me to stop. When he did, I looked down at the little girl in my arms and just let her drop to the floor. I after looking at the horror on her face, I told myself I would never drink a humans blood ever again.”
    “Poor little girl.”
    “Yes, I know. If he would have stopped me just seconds before I picked her up, she could have lived her life like any normal human.”
    “But wasn’t she dying?”
    “No. She wasn’t.”
    “How do you know that?”
    “Because, that little girl was my sister. She was there to see me,” he whispered, looking down.
    When he said this, I couldn’t help but cry. His poor little sister was killed by her own brother. I was spaced out, thinking of how Josh must have felt when he saw the horror in her eyes. He wiped the tears off my face with his finger, turning the salty water into ice.
    “Please don’t cry, love. This was my fault.”
    “It’s j-just t-that I-I…” I couldn’t finish, what was I going to say? That I know how he feels? Well I didn’t. I didn’t know how he felt. I wasn’t a blood thirsty vampire that sucked my little sister lifeless. I was nothing compared to him. But I was just so sorry for the little girl, it could have been anyone else, I could have even been me, but it just had to be her.
    “Shhhh…” he soothed, as I put my head against his shoulder. I sobbed for a while until my tears went dry, then I pulled my head up from its stiff position and looked Josh in the eye. He looked like he was in pain.
    “I’m so sorry for your sister,” I croaked.
    “No, no that’s not why I’m sad. I just hate to see you in pain.”
    “Oh. Well, I’m sorry you had to see that.”
    “It’s alright, love.” He whispered right before he pulled our lips together again.
    We started walking around the old theater as I asked him questions about his past, “So, how come the building burnt down after you became a vampire?”
    “Because, after I drank everyone’s blood, we had to set up a death stage somehow. No one could just find everyone here with drained blood.”
    “So you burnt down the hospital?”
    “What else were we supposed to do? I was dying already so it wouldn't have mattered."
    “Oh yeah, I bet you couldn’t face your mom after what you did.”
    “Hardly. I just didn’t want to look into her sad eyes when she found out that her only daughter died, I can’t even start to think how she felt when she found out that both my sister and I were said to be in the fire.”
    “What do you mean by ‘were’?” did he burn his sister?
    “I didn’t burn my sister, no. I buried her.”
    “But where?”
    “Back here.” He said as we walked out of the back door of the theater.
    “Where back here?”
    “Just a little into the woods. Would you like to see?”
    “S-sure.” I shuttered, I wasn’t very sure of my words.
    “It’s okay, she’s completely buried. It’s been over 140 years.”
    “So, really… there’s nothing left?”
    “There was nothing left for me to do.”
    We walked a little into the forest before we stopped. I looked around for some sign of cemetery. But found nothing but a rock that stood up against an old tree and Josh was on his knees with his head in his hands in front of it. I walked slowly towards him and it sounded like he was sobbing, could vampires cry?
    I knelt down and put my hand on his back and slowly moved it up and down as I read the stone. It said:
    It was carved in by something, I just could think of what.
    “My finger nail.” Josh whispered after a long moment of silence.
    “What?” I asked.
    “I carved it with my finger nail.” He said as he took his head out of his hands. He curled his fingers, just looking at his nails. I could see what he was talking about, his nails looked as sharp as any knife.
    “Your fingers never look like that though.”
    “It happens when I want them to, mainly when I’m mad.”
    “But it’s not your fault…”
    “I know it’s not. But sometimes I just think I should die for what I did to her.”
    “But you don’t.” I said trying to get him to look at me.
    “Then who am I supposed to blame for her death?” he snapped.
    I had nothing to say. Who could he blame? Carlos maybe, because he was the one who turned him, but that would be wrong. His mom? No, she didn’t send her daughter, she snuck out of the house to see her only brother. Really it wasn’t anyone’s fault.
    “But it has to be someone’s…” he whispered a little too low for my ears.
    "Actually, no it doesn't."
    "You can read my mind and you still don't understand me?" I laughed, "What I meant was, you shouldn't blame yourself for the past, only for the good of the future."
    "You make no the sense... but I get you, Abby. And thank you." he said as he sat on the ground so he could use his hands to pull me closer to him into a passionate kiss.
    "I love you." I breathed against his cold lips. And that’s how we were, in love with messed up life’s. What a perfect pair.

    6. Please Don't Stare

    I woke up the next morning a compete mess. I couldn't sleep last night because I didn't have Josh with me. I told him to spend the night again but he insisted on only saying every other night, just to get used to things the way they were. I was fine with that, but my only problem was school. What was everyone going to think about us? Would we hold hands? Would we kiss? Or would we not even talk because we were friends with completely different people? I would have to ask him. But how? And even if we did do that couple stuff, of course people would ask questions.
    “I just love your mind in the morning." a voice said from my window.
    "Yes, love?" he said, still not coming into my room.
    "What are you doing here?"
    "Right now I'm hanging from your window seal. And I'm making up for not staying last night."
    "Yeah, I couldn't sleep."
    "Really? Me either." he said with a low chuckle.
    "Can I at least get ready before you see me with bed head?"
    "Sure, I'll wait for you down stairs."
    "But what about my mom?"
    "She left about an hour ago. She was thinking about some job she got."
    "Really?" my mom and I hadn't talked for the last few days because I was always out with Josh and she was always gone or asleep when I got home. I would have to ask her about that job.
    I got out of bed and jumped in the shower for a few quick minutes and then got ready like always. I skipped down the stairs when I looked decent and hopped into Josh's open arms.
    "Hungry?" he asked.
    "A little. What’s for breakfast?"
    "Uh...er... what do you usually have?"
    I giggled, "It's okay, I’ll take care of breakfast. You just sit here and make yourself comfortable." I said as I gave him a quick peck on his lips then got up to make a bowl of cereal. I ate as quickly as I could so that we could go to school, even though I was going to dread the moment people saw us.
    "Come on, miss worried. It's going to be okay. You shouldn't care what other people think. I love you and that's all that matters."
    "I don't care what people think, I just hate when people stare..." I whispered.
    "It's going to be okay..."
    "Are you sure?"
    "I promise."
    "Okay. Let’s go." I sighed and then kissed him once more before getting up.
    The drive to school was fast and easy. He helped me out of the car like always, and that’s when the madness began. One person looked, then another. After a while, everyone in the parking lot was staring at us. I just wanted to tell everyone, Please don't stare, it's just me and my boyfriend.
    "Nice." Josh whispered into my ear, I giggled.
    "Off to class, young lady." he joked when we walked into the school.
    "You too, old man."
    "Hey, I look young."
    "But you know, it's on the inside that counts." I laughed.
    He sighed, "Come on."
    When we reached my first period I saw Damien waiting outside for me. Oh gosh, this couldn't be good. "It's not; he's going to ask you on a date while I’m not around. Ha! Watch this." he whispered to me while we were still walking.
    He stopped in front of my door turning so Damien could see us together. Then he grabbed me by my waist, I put my hands around his neck, and he kissed me fiercely, all for Damien. He started the kiss, and he had to end it. I never wanted to let go, I didn't care who saw us or where we were. I just wanted to be with him in my arms forever.
    "Have a nice day. I'll see you soon." he said loud enough for Damien to hear.
    "I miss you already." I answered, then gave him a quick peck on the lips and let go.
    "I love you so much," he whispered in my ear, that was just a little too much for Damien at the moment.
    "And I love you so much more." I breathed. He let me go and handed me my things. I turned to Damien while Josh was walking away and he had the funniest look on his face. Mixed emotions. First was surprised, then it changed into disgust, anger, sorrow, and then it ended with confusion.
    "What’s up?" I asked as mellow as I could be.
    "Wa-What was that all about?"
    "Oh, that," I blushed, "we're sort of a thing now." I said, it was the best I could come up with.
    "When did that happen?" he asked as we walked to our seats in the class. He had chosen the seat next to me on the second day of school so that I wouldn't be sitting alone.
    "Um, Friday...?"
    "Are you okay?"
    "Yeah, fine, whatever. It's just that I never thought it would happen. When did you two even start talking?"
    "He came to my house Thursday night and had dinner with me and my mom."
    "He did?"
    "Yes, it was pretty nice too. And that night he asked me on a date, and I said yes. So on Friday we had our date. Many other things happened after that, and I guess it ended up to be what you saw in the hall."
    "I don't like it."
    "Don't like what?"
    "You and Josh Beckett. I don't like it. Not at all." he said, shaking his head.
    "I'm not asking you to like it, but as my best friend I’m asking you to be happy for me." I wondered what best friend would do to him. Would he back off now that I considered him my best friend and that I was taken? Because being taken didn't really seem to be enough.
    He looked a little shocked. But then he responded by saying, "And as your best friend, I’m saying that, that just isn't right."
    "Okay and I accept that you don't like my boyfriend and I being together, but also as your best friend, I’m asking you to keep your opinions to yourself and to keep your mouth shut. Got it?"
    "Whatever." was all he whispered in response. We didn't talk for the rest of the period.
    Second period gym was never ending. Today we had to play tennis and I accidently hit some guy in the head with the ball.
    "I'm so sorry!" I yelled as he started jogging towards me. I studied his face for anger, but all I saw was his eyes, they were huge. Not in a creepy way, in a cute memorizing way. Sort of like anime eyes.
    "Hey! No biggie, what’s your name, pretty lady?" he asked, as flirty as can be.
    I couldn't speak, it was like his eyes and his smile and his face and his body and his breath and everything was hypnotizing.
    "A-Abby." was the best I had; I blushed and bit my lip. What was that? I thought, I never bite my lip!
    "Well Abby, I think I'm gonna need your number. You know, for insurance purposes." he said with a magnificent laugh.
    I responded with a little giggle. Then Josh popped into my mind. "I'm sorry. I have a boyfriend."
    "That's alright; I should have known that a gorgeous little lady like your self would be taken. But it was worth a shot, right?"
    “Yeah, well it was nice to meet you... Um, I didn't catch your name."
    "Pleasure to meet you, Terrance." I stuck my hand out to shake his.
    "Oh, no. The pleasure is all mine." he said, grabbing my hand and kissing it. I blushed even more. I'm so sorry, Josh. I love you, I thought. He had a very nice face. Light brown eyes, short spiked dark brown hair, and he was just as tan as me.
    When gym was over and I was finished getting dressed, I saw Josh waiting for me by the door with a blank expression on his face. Before I could close the distance between us, Terrance caught me by the hand and pulled me aside.
    "Hello, my lady."
    "Um... hi." I said, looking in Josh's direction. He was headed towards us.
    "May I have the honor of walking you to class, beautiful?"
    "Excuse me." Josh said, looking at where Terrance was holding my hand, "Could you please take your hands off my girlfriend." it wasn't a question.
    "Josh Beckett?" he asked in disbelief, "You’re going out with Josh Beckett?"
    "Yes, yes I am. Do you have a problem with that?" I asked him coldly.
    "I am so very sorry. I had no idea you two were together, or even speaking. My apologies." Terrance said releasing my hand. Josh quickly blinded our fingers together, glared at Terrance, and we began to walk away.
    "I'm so sorry." I repeated to Josh.
    "It's alright love; I know you didn't mean to hurt me."
    "It's just that..."
    "I know, I heard."
    "Oh." I whispered. He stopped walking, let go of my hand, and turned to me so he could see my face.
    "Abby, listen to me. I love you. But if you ever want to be with someone else, just tell me to my face. I don't want to hear it in your thoughts. I want you to tell me strait on. I will understand. I've waited for you my whole life, but if I’m never good enough for you, let me know. So if you would like to be with Terrance McAllister then just tell me right now, and I will let you go and never see you again. I will leave you forever if that is what you ask of me. I want you to live a normal life."
    "Josh... Please don't ever say that. I love you, more than you could ever imagine. I don't want Terrance."
    "Are you sure?"
    "Yes. I am positive. I want to be with you as long as I live. I love you." I whispered, and then kissed him.
    When he broke the kiss he said, "I love you too."
    We reached third period, hand in hand, with people still staring. Damien was waiting by the door like always. When he saw me he smiled. But then it disappeared when he saw Josh next to me. He sighed, and then walked into the classroom. Josh chuckled.
    "What?" I asked him.
    "He regrets ever telling you about me." he said, still laughing.
    "Oh." I whispered when we walked into the room. The table that Josh used to sit at was now a set of six chairs.
    "I just thought you would like to sit with us today."
    "Sure, why not?" I said with a smile. Now I wouldn't be just considered as Josh's girlfriend, I was now part of the family.
    "Hello, Abby!" Annie sang as I sat next to her and Aaron.
    "Hi, Annie." I said with a bigger smile.
    "How's life with my brother?" Daniel joked with a husky laugh. I blushed and Josh squeezed my hand.
    "Nice." was all I said.
    "Today we will be dissecting frogs!" said our teacher.
    "Ew." I whispered.
    "I agree, they're not very appetizing." Daniel laughed.
    Josh darted a stern look at Daniel and his face fell in shame.

    Lunch came sooner than I thought. I wasn't very hungry after what happened in third period, but I was just glad to be with Josh again. Jasmine and Sarah ─I finally remembered her name─ asked me about him in 4th period, and I answered their questions with honor. They were just two of the many people to see us kiss in the hall before first period. They said we looked super cute and really great together.
    "What would you like to eat, love?" Josh asked me when we were in the lunch line.
    "Do they have pizza?"
    "Yes ma'am."
    "Okay, that and a Dr. Pepper, please!" I instructed.
    "Wow," Daniel laughed, "You two would be killer to live with. Always lovey and all that crap." Then Jessica hit him when he chuckled. "Sorry, hun." he muttered. I giggled.
    "It's just love." whispered Josh.
    "Psh. Me and Jess love each other and you don't see us showing it all the time." he boomed with a laugh, then Jess sighed heavily and walked to the table leaving Daniel behind. "Common, babe! I was just playing." he said to her back, then chased after her.
    "Here you go, love." Josh said as he paid for my food, "Your favorite?" he asked.
    "Yes sir." I smiled. He grabbed my hand as we walked to the table, Jessica and Daniel were in front of us and Annie and Aaron were behind us. Everything went silent as we walked by. Everyone was staring. Even the people who knew we were together. I blushed. Josh chuckled.
    "What?" I whispered.
    "Your best friend and your new friend are jealous."
    "Then I bet this will drive them crazy." I breathed into his ear. I stood on my tippy toes and kissed him for a long moment until someone cleared their throat, Daniel, then Josh broke the kiss ─like always─ because I didn't want to stop. I looked around, and everyone's jaw was dropped. Damien and Terrance just huffed, and then looked away. When we reached the table, Josh held out my see for me and I heard a few girls go, 'awww.' I just blushed.
    "Here, baby." Josh said as he placed the tray on the table and sat himself down by me.
    "Here, baby" Daniel mocked in a high pitch voice that made Annie, Jessica, and I giggle.
    When lunch was over, Josh, Annie and I walked to French class. The period went by so fast because all I was doing was passing notes to Josh.

    Hi. What are you doing?
    Something you should be doing, work.
    Oh. Well your face is distracting me (:
    Abby, you should be more concerned with your school work and not my face, no matter how beautiful you think I am.
    Haha, I love you.
    & I love you. Now work. You must learn or I will never take you to Paris.
    Paris? Really?
    I was thinking about it. It's really up to you. But if we must go, you must learn, love.
    Yes sir (:

    I smiled when he crumpled the paper and tossed it at the trash can. The bell rang.
    "Come on, love." Josh said, grabbing my things and gesturing for one of my hands.
    "Why don't I walk you to class?” I said when we were walking down the hall.
    “Are you sure?”
    “Yeah, the gym is close to my sixth period anyways.”
    “Okay, love.” He said with a little chuckle.
    “Bye, I’ll see you after school.” I said to him.
    “I’ll be waiting for you.” He breathed, and then kissed me.
    Walking to class by myself was okay. Besides the fact that I saw someone outside of my class waiting for me. No, it wasn’t Damien. Not Terrance. It was Jessica.