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    "You little ******** disease! Get out of my sight!"

    A yell came loud and clear from the middle of the forest. The canopy shifted as birds fled their perch. Night crept over the wood and trees. Darkness blanketed their thick branches as fog barreled over the forest floor. It was a grim sight for one so alone in this world. The yell wasn't feminine in any way. And it came from an unknown source. All anyone knew was that it caused someone to run with haste. A young woman.
    The voice slithered through the trees, taunting the woman to run away.. far away.The only way she could possibly respond was with her crying and constant panting. It was almost as if the voice was in her head. Ripping at her nerves, pulling through the mind and using the back of her eyes as a lever. Sadly, she wasn't that lucky, for this "voice" was as real as her flesh and bone. Letting out a cry of pain, the desperate woman ran through more branches. As if her clothes weren't tattered and ruined enough, the encroaching plant life just seemed to want to peel it back more. The panicking female soon found herself caught in a rather annoying mess. Birch and pine, oak and redwood.. they all seemed to be her enemy tonight. Her woven sweater caught between branches caused her to cry harder.

    "Run! Run! RUN! They'll soon catch up with you; you filth!"

    The woman struggled, slamming her eyes shut and allowing her salty tears to cascade down her pale cheeks. It was the simple shift of the bushes behind her though that caused her to open them back up again and pause. Her heart rate sped up quickly and she clenched her fists tight. The woman turned her upper body as best she could while still being tied up in the branches. It wasn't him, it was them. The woman began to cry harder hearing the terrifying sounds of what she feared most at the moment.

    "No... no. please, NO!"

    She screamed out, finally ripping through the sweater and leaving it there. The woman finally had another chance to run, but as quickly as she received it, it was stolen. Her foot, caught in a up-rooted tree trunk, caused her small frame to collide with the ground. She winced at the shocking feeling of her arm landing hard against the forest floor, but almost instantaneously flipped herself over and looked behind her. She knew they were drawing in. She could both feel and hear it. She wiped her face furiously, trying to rid of her tears and only replacing them with swipes of dirt. And finally, like curtains, the shifting bushes before her revealed what she had been running from all along. What the voice boomed about, what caused her to cry, what made her heart speed up... Looking at them right in the eyes, the young female stared at what were, sadly... her own creations...

    {Earlier That Day}

    "It truly is fabulous that you have agreed to do this! Geena, I don't think that you can comprehend how much wealth and status this will earn us. Scientists will want our secret and be offering us facilities, money, equipment, book deals--left and right my dear!"

    The jubilant chuckle of a man in maybe his late fifties irrupted throughout a slate-based building. Located in a more mountainous location, Dr. Sloan's laboratory seemed to have a very secluded feeling. And it was. The only establishment around it was the a school, and between it, a vast forest. Inside his large ware-house of a work area rested a few cages, suggesting that he practiced on animals.. big ones at that, operating tables, a few empty cylinder-glass tanks, a computer or two and of course a set of primary tools for his.. operations--or what ever he did exactly. As Geena stood there, she glanced around. Clearly the man worked alone. He was completely out of his mind when he spoke, not having an inside voice or anything, and he had about enough supplies coming in for a one-man army. Geena gripped her white sweater to her body as she looked back to the scientist, speaking up.

    "Uhm.. Doctor Sloan? What makes you so sure that my... my gift can complete what you're possibly trying at?"

    Geena was quiet, a sweet and simple girl. But brewing within her was a malevolent power. One that could create so much with the influence of her mind. And that was why she was the perfect candidate for Sloan's sick "project." It would surpass all stem-cell and biochemical research ever recorded if proven to come out successful. Searching for one who could bind loose parts of different hosts with out a rejection of cell pairing, Sloan looked far and wide amongst the crowd of the wild and the weird: coming up with Geena. But Geena could do so much more than that. Dr. Sloan was looking to do the impossible. He wanted to create a true, new version of what today we would call a 'Chimera." He wanted to successfully combine more powerful and logical creatures than just lions, goats, snakes and eagles. He wanted them to be fast, sure, but quick at finding things out. He wanted his creatures to be able to mentally solve a problem, register it, then use an over excessive amount of strength to either destroy it or overcome it. So, Dr. Sloan would be using more than just animals. Beasts. His creations would be over the top, but he was going to get so much more than he expected with the power that Geena was to provide. Especially at her not knowing that she would be combining something further than beasts... humans...

    "Oh, well, because my dear, you have an immense amount of power within that little body of yours. So much that all I need is for you to be in a chair the entire time."

    The doctor approached her and took her sweater from her. At at that point on, it was go time. Several hours of prep went by. Sloan resided in a small room and Geena in another. Staring down at a foam cup full of hot tea, she thought about what she was doing. Something about it was wrong, and she knew it. Taking the small paper piece of her tea bag, she swirled it around it water, making the peach color into a darker brown. She sighed heavily, allowing another number of hours to pass her as she sat in that room that resembled an interrogation chamber.
    With what Doctor Sloan was going to attempt with Geena was so far out of his reach there was no possible way that he would reach a pre-thought goal. Geena DID have the power that he sought. But it was so much more that what he needed. Geena had a nightmare spirit within her body. She could see things and literally morph them to what her imagination feared most. It was a gift and a curse. For a long time, she was in an insane asylum for it. Not given anything but a room and a mattress. But even that taunted her thoughts. With her powers of combination, she could literally materialize anything her mind could create a clear picture of. It was the death of her father and little sister. And the cause of her mother's acceptance into a nursing society: for several attempts of suicide. At the age Geena discovered her powers, it was the end of her life. Which is why she made travels for the School. To seek assistance on how to contain or even control this power.
    After another few minutes of thinking of her past, the cold metal door swung open. Dr. Sloan, lightly battered in blood, smiled to her.

    "Come my dear, it is time.."

    Geena smiled shyly and pushed herself away from the table, getting out of her chair. She followed him down a hall and felt her hands sweat. It was a grim feeling and was only stimulated by a slight groaning sound behind a door that the two happened to stop at. A hand was placed on Geena's shoulder and suddenly a steady flow of spikes sprouted from her spine. She was scared. And the power within her was ready to irrupt. Dr. Sloan muttered a few words, but Geena seemed to block out each syllable with the fear circling in her mind. Then, before she knew it, the door was opened. A large blow of the stench of dead and rotting flesh, raw carnage, and aging blood flew right at her face, causing her to go pale instantly. Her eyes widened and she merely stared at the horrific scene before her. It was a mixture of pure science with some type of foreign voodoo.

    "We had an agreement, now go Geena.."

    The scientist said with force as he shoved her in the small box of a room, out of the way of the swing of the door, then slammed it's cold metal portal. Geena stood there, speechless. She backed up against the wall and raised her arms to grip the back of her head with her clammy hands. It was a horror film, starring her. It didn't take more than a few seconds for her to take in a deep breath and formulate it into a blood curling scream. Her knees failed and she finally collapsed to the floor. It was triggered, and behind a wall, viewing the whole thing with a smirk across his face was the greedy Dr. Sloan.
    Before Geena rested a pile of lopped off limbs. They were unable to be sorted, seeing as how they were handled by some kind of butcher. And drawn around them was a simple circle. Symbolic for a flow of some kind. A connection. Then, beside that was what created the moaning sounds. A man, sort of. Looking desperately at Geena, a rather healthy and built man sought her attention. His face was completely mutilated, his lips peeled back and stitched up as if making way for something stronger. His face was stained with tears and blood. But his face wasn't the main attraction. Aside from the pool of blood that was collecting under him on the table, he was missing both arms full and the bottom halves of his legs. There was no sign that there was a proper, or clean at that, amputation of them. He was the torso of a man, hanging by a whim onto life. Trying to catch at Geena's attention still, he made his efforts into something far more painful, with the slightest movements, he managed to fall from the table. Screaming out in pain, the man slammed his eyes closed and just laid there on the cold floor.
    Geena continued to scream over him, getting up, she pulled on the door handle. But it was too late, gripping her head, she began to imagine what Dr. Sloan wanted. His new Chimera. She hunched over and a bright light formulated around both her and the pieces of human and animals. Suddenly, a tornado of loose limbs and a half-living human swung about the room, crashing into the walls, splattering blood and flinging until they quickly came together like magnets. The torso of a man screamed out in pain once more as body parts were fused against his raw skin. Binding of genes and the force of blood flow through the once dead parts caused an unbearable effect. And even worse, the man began to multiply.
    Hunched over and gripping her head, Geena continued to create these monsters, Doctor Sloan watched and finally felt that he needed to interfere. Getting up and running to the door, he unlocked the dead bolt and was blown back slightly by the tornado effect the girl was creating. And right in that moment, Geena stood up, her eyes were blank and unloving. She turned her body towards the doctor, looking at him as if under a trance. Wind blew in every which way as she approached him. With a quick and unseen gesture, she flew at him, her hands going right for his face.
    Dr. Sloan screamed as steam seemed to come off his skin. She was literally morphing him to be what she had created. She began to grind her teeth together as she pressed harder. Finishing the effect, she allowed her nails to drag down his neck and it was done. Dr. Sloan gripped his burning flesh and began to yell out, running out. Geena watched him and snapped back to her regular self. Turning slowly, she viewed the monsters behind her. The girl flinched hard. They were more gruesome than before. Their eyes lacked eyelids and they were tearing up from the constant drying. They had no lips, just pulled back flesh and small beady teeth, separated by about a 3-centimeter length each. And growing past that were small tusks. Their arms were thick, maybe from that of a bear or some other large animal. And their lower legs the same, of some beast. They were the perfect combination of beast and intellectual.
    Geena shook at the sight of them. What was worse was their breathing. The four of them gasped for air and seemed to have trouble keeping it where they began to make a slurring noise through their throats. It took maybe a few seconds for Geena to register that it was time for her to run, and fast.
    Turning, she slammed the door behind her and locked it. The small female panted and ran down the hall towards the main lab. That's where she saw him: the doctor. He was hunched over a desk, gripping his face in both pain and disgust. Geena stood there, holding tight to the edges of her sweater. She was ready to say something before he looked up with that mutant face, screaming at her;

    "You little ******** disease! Get out of my sight!"

    And that was what brought her to the current position she was in now... staring in the eyes of the monsters she created. The nightmares that she brought into this world. The gurgling, mutated, grim chimera of Dr. Sloan...