• September 24

    Dear diary,

    We haven't made it out of the triangle yet. Food is scarce, and dad has Hay Fever. I don't know what to do. I wasn't expecting us to go to Bahamas... I mean, what was dad thinking? He knows that no one has ever made it out of the Bermuda Triangle... and I'm guessing that those people that haven't made out are... well, dead. I can barely remember how we ended here. All I remember is dad trying to get a signal from the microphone thing and then our plane starts going Ka-put and spinning out of control into some mysterious clouds that appeared out of nowhere. That was all I remember. And also, dad and mom were discussing what they should do for my college education. I wasn't really into the conversation, because what grown-ups talk about is boring. Now I know I am too old to be so immature like that... but when your fourteen and the only child in the family, there's nothing else to do but be immature.

    When we crashed, I think that I may have cut my hand on something really sharp. I say this because it's bleeding and I'm trying really hard not to get the blood on the paper. It hurts so badly. I want to scream, but I fear that if I do that, all of my little precious bits of energy will all descend at that split moment I wail. " Anna, are you bleeding? Anna, let me see that hand of yours. " My mom walked up to me out of the jungle her and my dad were just in. Looking and searching for food. They have lots and lots of weirdly-fruit. I bet it tastes as good as it looks... and trust me.... it does not look good.

    Diary.... did I forget to tell you that my mom used to be a biologist? Or wait.... it was something like that.... I don't know what it was.... I forgot. She just knows a lot about plants... and the earth. I bet anyone can figure out the name of what she used to be. Shows you how much I know.