• chapter 2:the meeting place.

    Whats his name?I wonder.I met him in passing.I told him welcome.I could get used to playing tricks on him as well.Hehehe.I like scaring people.He was really pretty though.He had blonde hair like me,and he had pretty emerald eyes.I went to the attic to stare at the sky.I watched as day turned to night,and as night turned to day.I never slept.I stared at the sun and the pretty clouds of the morning.Orange,red,yellow.They reminded me of the warmth of fire.At least,what fire used to be.How I wish to feel that warmth again.I may appear solid,but im transparent at best.I couldnt burn,but I was "living" in a world without feel.I cant burn,I cant get freeze.Im just numb.It felt as if hours passed,but I cant tell time.All the clocks have broken down.What day was it?Tuesday,Friday?Was it still Winter,or was it Spring yet?I couldnt tell.My Death day is in the spring.I may not be able to remember how I died,but I know that the day after I died,it was my parents anniversary,which was may 16th.I died on my birthday.My seventeenth birthday.I heard a knock on the door.I glided down the stairs nad looked through the window.It was the boy.The beautiful blonde boy.I opened the door and he said hello to me.
    "Hey.I didnt catch your name the other day.What is it?"He asked me.
    Was he serious?Why was he asking?Surely he can see that I'm dead.Can't he?
    "It's Roseli."I told him,as if he could hear me.
    "I'm Riley"He said as he shifted his weight to his other leg.
    Riley.It's a name.A real one.I went to close the door,but he stopped me.
    "What?"I rasped.He opened the door back up and walked in.I ignored it and went up to the attic.As I was walking up the stairs,he asked where I was going.
    "To the attic.I live up there."I told him.
    "Really?"He asked.I went on walking.When I got up there,I noticed he came up behind me.He smiled as he looked around.It was a warm smile.So that's what warmth feels like.Its nice.We talked for a while.He asked when I was born.I told him that it was May 15th,1972.
    "What?Should'nt you be like 30?"He asked,surprised.
    "You didnt know?"I asked him.
    "Know what?"He asked.I lifted up my hair and showed him the hole in the back of my head,because I was sure that it had SOMETHING to do with my death.
    "What is that?"He asked me.
    "I died 50 years ago.Im sure that this has something to do with it.I'm dead."
    "You're...dead?"He asked.
    "Yep.I am.I'll understand if you never come back."I told him.
    "Actually,I want to see you again,Roseli,maybe I can help you figure out what that hole is."
    And so we made the meeting place.