• "Cristy?" I heard my mother say. She was staying in my apartment for the weekend.
    "Yes, mum?" I asked.
    "I think it's time we had a talk," she said.
    "Alright," I said and stood up.
    "I need to tell you something very important," my mother stalled.
    "Just tell me mum," I probed.
    "Your half vampire," she said finally spiting it out like dirt. I sat back down at the computer in shock.
    "You can't be serious?" I asked skeptically.
    "No, no its true," she said grabbing me by the shoulders.
    "Then where is my vampire father?" I asked.
    "He was killed," she said sadly, lowering her head.
    "By who?" I asked.
    "Demon killers," she said her head still hanging but, I could see tears welled up in her eyes and could hear the hate in her voice.
    "So your saying my father was murdered," I said then thinking, 'Wait a minute wasn't he already dead?'
    "Yes," was all she said and left the room. I sat there for a few minutes in shock. I walked out of the room and said to my mom, "I'm going out," and slammed the door behind me.

    I went to the nearest bar called 'On the tap'. Thinking with the new information that I now possessed I thought, 'Perfect name for a vamp bar,'
    When I walked in a man with skin paler then mine was sitting in a bar stool. I walked over and plopped down next to him.
    "Hallo my names Alexander but, I prefer Alex," he said in a brittish accent.
    "Hello my name is Cristy but I go by Sasha," I greeted.
    "Why's that?" he asked.
    "It's my middle name and I like it better," I said simply and ordered a beer.
    "Do you mind if I call you Cris sort for Cristy?" he asked.
    "No," but, I stated to feel that the beer I ordered was not strong enough so I said, "Get me a whiskey," The man next to me looked a bit shocked.
    "Are you okay?" he asked.
    "No," I grumbled.
    "Tell me what's wrong?" he asked curiously.
    "I'm not sure you'll believe me," I said.
    "Try me," he said smiling a dazzling smile.
    "My mom just told me today that I'm part vampire," I said looking down, "I told you that you would not believe me,"
    "I'm not so sure about that," he murmured took, my hand and kissed it. I looked up in confusion that was also mixed with shock, "I'm a vampire."
    I was stunned but, then gathered my head enough to ask, "Your a what?"
    "A vampire luv, and I surprised you are that shocked," he said with a crooked smile.
    "Well, I ah I" I couldn't say anything I was so shocked to have proof that he was really a vampire. I started to feel light headed and just passed out but not before I felt ALex catch me and say to the bar tender.
    "I'll take care of it mate, no worries," and then I blacked out.

    I woke up in an unfamilar room. I was lying on something soft it felt like a bed I snuggled deeper into the covers. I heard the door open and close softly.
    "Well it's about time you woke up luv," I heard a thick english accent say. The nights events rushed back to me. Alex. The vampire from the bar. I opened my eyes and saw him sittig next to me on the fot of the bed.
    "What happened?" I asked and tried to get up but, he held me down. I looked up at hime curiously.
    "You fainted luv," he said resting my head down gently against pillow. He rested the back of his hand against my forehead, "you have a bit of a fever. You need to rest, lay there I'll go make some tea," he said and lef the room. I heard the sound of running water.
    "Where am I?" I asked dazed. As I looked around to take i my surondings. I was in what seemed to be a log cabin. I was a small room but, since it was probably just a bedroom I shrugged it off. It was dark outside I could tell because of the window that was above the bed. I heard a howl outside and screamed. Alex came rushing back into the room.
    "What's wrong?" He asked frantically looking over me to make sure I wasn't hurt.
    "There is a wolf outside," I explained putting my arms around his neck and pulling him tight.
    "Its alright luv," he said smoothing back my hair, "it's just my guard Maximillion Dentae."
    "Is he your dog?"
    "No, and I wouldn't say that to his face." he said with laughter in his eyes, "Max is a werewolf and one of my friends woke him up when I brought you in. He just a little pissed off." Alex explained to me.
    "Werewolf," my voice was quiet and I was surprised that he even realized that I said something.
    "Mmm hmm," he said staring into my eyes, "You have beautiful green eyes," he commented making me blush.
    “No I don't," instead of taking the complement like most people would do I shoved it away; I knew I wasn't pretty and I hated it when people told me I was. My mouth became a frown.
    “Of course you do,” he said stubbornly but I let the subject drop and ignored his comment and changed the subject.
    “Where am I?” I finally asked braking through my frozen brain.
    “You are in a cabin,” he said carefully.
    “Yes I gathered that,” my tone was slightly annoyed when he pointed out the obvious.
    “My cabin,”
    “I know what I’m in I want to know what state, or whatever damn country I’m in,” My voice was heated and my form stubborn.
    “You’re in South Dakota,” when he said the last word I could feel the blood rush out of my face as it went white as a sheet. I could feel my jaw drop open, and most importantly I heard my thoughts race in my head on after another, ‘Crap mum’s going to go ballistic, but what about, Oh s**t she’s going to think I was kidnapped, even technically I have been, she might think I got raped or murdered, Oh dear lord their no freaking way I could explain this to her.’
    I started to feel as if I were banging my head against a wall because my head was pounding and my entire body was now in pain.
    “Sasha easy,” he said rubbing my vibrating figure easily. For the first time in my life my teeth started to ache and I felt something slide forward, never feeling this sensation before I cried out in pain.
    “What’s wrong?" and when he looked at my painful slash panicked expression he must’ve seen something because he cradled my jaw on kissed me trying to stifle my cries of pain.
    “My,” I took a deep breath before I groaned out, “it’s my mouth.”
    “Oh my God,” he breathed.
    The pain had finally stopped when I asked, “What?” my voice sounded funny kind of like my breath was whistling around something at the front of my mouth. When I finally clamped my mouth shut I felt something jab against the bottom of my mouth.
    “Take a look for yourself,” Alex said and held a small mirror in front of me.
    When I looked down to see what had jabbed me I opened my mouth and saw two long white glistening fangs. “Mother of God,” I breathed and touched one of my fingers to my fang, “That’s never happed before.”
    "What do you mean that's never bloody happened before?" Alex said almost dumbly.
    "Well,'' I said in a sarcastic voice, "I've never had two freaking needle sticking out of my mouth before.
    Alex narrowed his eyes, "How the hell is that possible?"
    "I don't know," my voice was gruff, "Maybe you should look in the freaking dictionary because I don't sure as hell know what the answer is to that."
    "Take it easy," he held his hand out in front of him as a type of surender, "I'm sure we'll figure this out."
    "Yeah sure," I scoffed.
    "We will," he promised, and took my hands in his.
    I looked into his eyes desperately wanting to believe him but I couldn't get myself to.
    "I-I" my voice stuttered.
    "I don't feel good," my stomach was churning, and my vision sorta blurry.
    "Hold on,"
    "I'm fading," I said and started to shut my eyes, my brain was just so fuzzy. NMot knowing what the difference between reality and what was supposed to fiction
    TO BE CONTINUED!!!!!!!!