• Kenshin learned many techniques while training under Yondaime and Kakashi. Yondaime

    taught Kenshin how to use the Rasengan.Kenshin learned advanced kunai attacks every kunai

    came back to him in under 1 min.Kenshin threw many Kunai knives he could throw up to

    1-50 at only 3 years old! He also mastered his hybrid byaku-sharingan which enabled him to

    counter any attack that was thrown at him.Kenshin also got to pet Kakashis ninja dogs

    Kakashi was a Chunin at this time.Kakashi showed Kenshin how to master his copy ability with

    the Sharingan. Kenshins Sharingan and byakugan were now a seperate Dojutsu so kenshin

    didint have one byakugan in one eye and sharingan in the next.Kakashi had to leave to join

    the ANBU but before he did he tought kenshin the headhunter jutsu and the Chidori

    at this time Kenshins sharingan was almost complete.