• You get up and look around the room you are in is huge trying to ignore it all you get out the bed and head for the door you stoped short by the voices you hear.You easedrop beacuse you don't know who these guys are or if they are dangerous.

    "That idiot if he wanted blood we could have just got him a raw stake! stressed " the way he talked sent shivers down your spine. You listen more and here some other guy
    "Oh well at least we got a cute girl out of it. wink " after he said that he chuckled which made your face burn.
    "Well go wake her up then if you like her so much." realising that they are coming you turn around to hide but you trip and fall ....WHAM you fell on your face.
    "For once..." you throught ",being a klutz may have put me in danger."
    "Are you ok?" you turn around and see a guy with brown hair. He helps you up.
    "Wow I was right I knew you would look cute in that dress heart . By the way I'm Scott." immediately you lose your temper you cluch you fish and puch him in the jaw. He lands on his back then he sat up right rubbing his jaw.
    " OW what the heck I hope its not broken oww.... WHATS YOUR PROBLEM THAT WAS A COMPLEMENT!"
    " You changed my clothes when I was out of it. I WON'T FORGIVE YOU ." You reach down and grab the collar of his shirt balling your hand into a fist and pull your arm back getting ready to give him another blow in the mouth.
    "Stop. THATS ENOUGH!" a voice behind you said you turn around and see...
    Sorry if its too sort. 4laugh
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    P.s. This is the boy you punched