• Chapter One

    Ryan laid in his bed staring up at the ceiling of his bedroom thinking of the fateful day that his life gained purpose. And then thought ahead to the day that the purpose was lost.

    He stepped into his homeroom and looked around. Ryan stared at all the familiar faces and a lot of the knew ones. He took a seat next to his friend Chandra and began to jot down notes in his notebook. He soon learned that he would hate first period. As Ms. Wilson began her lesson his mind drifted into his normal daydreams.

    Second period, Gym, began as normal. They all dressed out and sat on the bleachers. He sat next to his best friend Lelia and looked at her. "What have you been up to this summer?" he asked her with his normal stupid grin. She shrugged and flipped a strand of long, straight, brown hair. "Same as usual... You?" He shook his head. As class started he sighed. He wanted to talk to Lelia some more. He jumped up and ran to where the teacher directed. At the end of class he changed into his clothes in the locker room and set out for history.

    He sat down next to Rachel and leaned back in his chair. He was bored out of his mind and wanted school to end. Then he saw her step in the room and he went speechless. As she walked in jaw dropped. She had on a pair of dark blue skinny jeans and was wearing a skin tight white t-shirt. He watched her dark brown curls bounced and her wide grin with gleaming white teeth. He nearly passed out. She sat down on the other side of Rachel. He smiled at her and she waved and smiled back. He turned to the front and as class proceded he couldnt help but steal glances at her. One time when he looked at her she tilted her head and had a confused expression. He quickly looked away. Ryan stood up at lunch and headed down to the lunch room and when he got his tray he managed to get a seat beside the girl. The second he sat down she looked up at him and said, "Why were you staring at me?" he looked over and went red. "Well I just noticed that you were new and new people here are sort of a big thing." She laughed and said, "Ahh..." Ryan finally turned to her and said, "Im Ryan..." She smiled and said, "Im Kindra..." From there his life completely spiraled out of control.