By: Pinoycano
    A Story Inspired by Tri-Gun with all original Ideas.

    In year 4116, a planet called Tiera located in the Cosmic Universe had it ozone layer violently torn apart by an unknown outside force. Almost every major city suddenly got destroyed and the many forests instantly change into dried dusty deserts. As a direct result of the event, more then 80-percent of the planet was affected and water is now extremely scarce.

    After numerous decades, the ozone mysteriously stabilized almost instantly but the damages were already done. Only several million people were still alive from the dreadful disaster and a few advance cities were barely still standing. Even with their thousand years of advance technology and science, the people were left useless to revive the planet back to its original self.

    The year is now 4375, everyone was living life like the planet had already been like this, and having the planet back to original was only a dream. The humanoids rebuilt their cities around the few oasis scattered around the planet and were acting like hearts of the cities. Some humanoids began searching the ruins of the past, as archeologists, and found prophets that told about the history of the Ancients. The Ancients were the people that once ruled the planet in the past, and also, predicted about the destruction of Tiera.

    Knowing their efforts would prove useless, the Ancients used their mystifying spiritual powers to create a powerful item that could revive the planet. They sealed the item in a far away place hidden away to prevent anyone that was not pure to taint and corrupt it. The power of the item was so powerful that it was leaking out energy and a forest began to grow in the surrounding area. When the time came, the one who was chosen can release the power of the item to finally bring life back to the planet.

    These prophets were announced throughout the world and millions of people were now looking for the forest. Some had the ideas to save their planet but others had more selfish desire, as they want the item to keep it for their selves, and sell it on the Neo Black Market. The most powerful and well-known organization on the planet is two-sided company called the Seeker, who also wanted the item. They believed by having the fate of the planet in their hands, they would become gods and rule over everyone.

    Seeker was once known as a corporation that helped those who were affected by the disaster, and helped rebuilt the most advance city on the planet, Paradise City. Soon, rumors escalated about their true intention, as they were witness of the sadistic brutality to anyone that had any information about the Lost Item. They were ruthless, cruel and extremely coldhearted to anyone and everyone including innocent women and child if they had what they want.

    A famed pair of archeologist throughout the planet, a man and a woman, found a mysterious prophet that told the location of the forest and the key. As they recovered the prophet, the ruin began to collapse as they barely escaped death, but unexpectedly, the Seekers were outside waiting for them. The leader of the corporation was also there and wanted every possession that the two archeologists excavated from within the ruins. The two refused and the leader ordered them to be killed at once but one of the soldiers betrayed the organization and helped the two escape.

    The three took refuge at a small city far away from the organization as the two archeologists settled in and had a son named Kaine. With nowhere to go, the ex-solider also settled down and became a close friend to the family and three years later had a son. They lived quite happily in the small city, as they trusted no one with the task of finding the hidden forest that would save their world.

    Four years later, an Ancient appeared and told the three about the hidden forest and that the fate of the planet rested within the two children. The following day, the Seekers launched an invasion on the defenseless city and killed almost everyone, including Kaine’s parents. The ex-soldier miraculously escaped with his family with others and took Kaine with him.

    Now, at age seven, Kaine vowed to take revenge on the entire Seeker Corporation and to fulfilled his destiny that was given to him.