• Dr. Marlow injects the drugs into ESP-1, his eyes glaze over as they begin to take effect, his face pulls back in fear, and he lets out a blood curdling scream. His body begins to shake violently as he tries to fight off the nightmares, but to no avail. Suddenly, ESP-1 starts to flail, the soldiers jump to restrain him, and Mary instructs Dr. Marlow to initiate the first set of shocks. The pain is too much for ESP-1 to bear and he lets out a final scream as he retreats into the sanctuary of his mind, away from the pain of his body. He wanders the darkness of his mind waiting for the pain to end, tries to think of memory to fill the emptiness, one of happiness; he has but one.

    A cool autumn breeze cuts thought the void, the darkness, and brushes his face. a** the darkness melts away the moist grass is a shimmering emerald field beneath his feet,; he is forced to catch his breath as the sun begins to rise, the sky ignites into a sea of amber flames. Against this everything is a solid jet black, the trees, the houses, even the blue birds that fly by singing sweetly their melody. On the wind there is a familiar scent, the fragrance is that of freshly bloomed rose just after a light rainfall, he lets the perfume embrace him as his mother approaches. Her auburn hair is gold against the brilliant light of the sun, her eyes sparkle as they meet the gaze of her son’s, her rose red lips press together, and she kisses his cheek ever so softly. She looks out beyond the horizon to see the true beauty of the sunrise, in that moment they are frozen in time, struck by awe. She looks down and smiles a smile that would make heaven sing, and says,

    “Today is your big day.”
    “Mom, I’m only eight now.”
    “Oh, but your so big.”
    “Mom, your going to embarrass me.”
    “Well, let’s head back home and set up for your party.”
    “Wait, just a little longer.”

    She sits down and holds him in her lap, together they watch as the sun ascends into the sky. There is a magic in that moment and, for just a second, the world stands still. The boy soaks in everything, the burning ocean above, the fragrant rose; the warmth of his mother. Nothing could be better than that moment.

    “Your right about that.” the twisted voice remarks.
    “Who…Who are you…?”
    “Is that all you remember about that day?”
    “What…Who are you…What do you want…?”
    “To remind you of who you are.” it cackles in laughter.