• I don't know what we're doing. We're running, that's for sure. Only, there is no place to run to. During the day, the Others hunt us. During the night, the Tainted roam the streets.
    Sylvia and I have found another survivor. His name is Cole. Or should I say, "his name was Cole?"
    Either way, he is dead now. I thought the Others were cruel in their killing, but now I've seen the Tainted. They stare into your soul with their empty eyes and torture your mind. They leave you hollow inside as they devour your flesh.
    This was the first time that I saw a person fall to a fate worse than any other death. Cole's screams still haunt me. I wonder if my wife is as haunted as I am?
    I have discovered that the weapon I obtained can be disassembled and reassembled very easily. When we are in a safe place, I practice with it. If I can be fast enough, then I don't have to keep the gun out, and I can have my hands free.
    Every day that passes brings more fading. The buildings are all starting to blur in the distance. I can't distinguish some of the houses. My wife's eyes are starting to lose their color.
    I can't stand this! I wish I were dead!

    Jonas had been untied. He has seen that we are not killers, and he has promised not to attack any of us. So far, he is good to his word. In fact, he has begun to help us. He told us that he would speak on our behalf to his superiors, and beg them to stop the killing.
    Our kindness has opened his eyes. They are brown. A faded brown, but they are one of the few sets of eyes that still has any color.
    My wife is recovering. She has become stable, the doctors say. I asked if I could see her, but they refused. She was still contagious. Disappointment took over me. Jonas attempted to comfort me. The thought is what counts, I guess.
    Jonas left today. He donned his mask and set off for the Others' nearest headquarters. He told us that he would be back in a few days. I hope he didn't lie.
    Two more survivors have joined us. I'm getting worried that our group will be to large, and therefore easier to find. I am considering leaving as soon as Sylvia is well. The doctors argue with me that leaving is suicide. I told them that anything is suicide in this world. They cannot argue with that.

    We saw a figure through the windows. It was Jonas. His mask was removed, and blood was dripping from his face. I looked closer to see that his skin was rotting. With more than a little reluctance, I assembled the gun and took the shot.
    Blood splashed upward as the now headless body fell into the red sea.
    We haven't seen any of the Others since he left, but we had seen increasing numbers of Tainted every day. Sylvia is able to stand now, and in three days, we will be leaving. I wish the best of luck to those in the hospital. I believe they will all die.
    We have killed more of the Tainted. There is a ring of their bodies under the blood surrounding the hospital. More of them come every night, and we are now seeing them during the day. I believe that most of the Others now have become Tainted, like Jonas. I hope that they have forgotten how to use their weapons if they are Tainted now. If not, then we are all dead, no matter what.