• long time ago there was a lonely boy named Luke he has just experienced the death of both of his parents. Now Luke is 16 years old but if it happened to be you in that situation you would be crying too. girl 2 years younger than Luke was a girl named Rebeca. She had just experienced the same thing only it wasn't just her parents it was her 3 older brothers and her baby sister. they took one look at each other and ran. You would think that they would have joined but after what just happened they could of thought each other were a minotaur or a minion of Medusa. There was even a titan there and he his name was Kronos. In the legends Kronos along all the other titans were thrown into the pit of Tatarus. But some how Kronos managed to escape. Could it be that the Gods have forgotten about the titans and Tatarus. Surely not, but back to the story. While they are running they both turn towards each other and collide. When they struggle back to they're feet and get a good look at each other. They see that each other are human and begin to talk. Then Zeus drops in out of no where and begins to say,"Luke, Rebeca i have seen what Kronos has done to your village, and i have never done this before but i am granting you immortality. A shine of light strikes them both and they are gods. Zeus explains that they have one chance to get back at Kronos and do what no other has done before, Defeat Kronos for good. They are transported to the edge of Tatarus where he is trying to help the others escape. Luke gets the first strike in the lower back of Kronos' back. But Kronos didn't just die the blade reflected off of Kronos' back. Rebeca remembers Zeus' exact words during the explanation of the God transformation," The only way to kill Kronos is with his own scythe. Rebeca yells to Luke," The scythe Luke that is the only way to kill him!" Luke tries to grab the scythe while he can. But, Kronos is to fast for that. he dodges and slices at Luke. The gash is big and deep. Gold blood(the blood of a God) leaks out of Luke's body. Kronos goes for one last strike, but Rebeca grabs the scythe and slashes at Kronos and wont stop. Kronos falls in to Tatarus, but he didn't fall and live. Rebeca lodged the scythe into the side of the pit and Kronos falls straight on it. That's it. Kronos is dead and will never be reborn. Luke is amazed on how Rebeca is so strong and quick. "How did you get so quick, i almost lapped you when we were running from each other?" Luke asked. Rebeca replies" i had 3 older brothers, what did you expect?"