• I followed him slowly. I watched him with evil eyes as I followed him. The only sound I heard now was my own crying. I was so angry, but yet so sad and miserable at the same time. My legs were weak as they pushed on. I tried to hold them back, but as I got closer to him I wasn’t me. My nostrils flared and I was angrier than I had ever been before. I walked up to his body weak and trembling. Blood was still oozing out of his nose. His face was filled with fear and agony. I couldn’t control myself. I heard a voice repeating in my head over and over again. The voice was my father. What he had said on his death bed was tattooed into my mind forever. “Don’t ever do anything you shall regret later” the words echoed in my mind. My knees trembled like I was in an earthquake as they fell to the ground. My head raised up to the sun as the heat beat down on my face. I was aching all over. Tears flowed down the side of my face. I realized that I was not the only one crying. Jamison was staring at me as I got onto my feet. I closed my eyes and folded my hands together as I prayed.
    “Dear God, Please forgive me for what I did and bless Jamison too so that he might also learn to love and care as I must do again” I murmured. My eyes blinked open. I unfolded my hands and reached into my dress pocket. I pulled out Kleenexes out and handed them to Jamison as I helped him up from his frightened pose. His face reminded me of a curious dog. His head cocked to one side and his face confused. It was like a photograph in my mind. The only thing that ruined it was the blood slowly dripping down the side of his mouth. It was then that I realized why he had fallen in the first place. His leg was bruised in many places and a rock lay where he once was. I wondered if it was my fault. I had him lean on my shoulder as he struggled back to school.
    “Why do you help me after all this fighting” he curiously asked.
    “Don’t ever do anything you shall regret later” I quoted. A picture of my father flashed in my head. It was the picture my mom had taken of me and my father while he was teaching me to ride. Then I saw it burning in the fire. My mother had thrown all pictures in the fire the day of my father’s death. I looked back at Jamison. He didn’t understand, but didn’t continue the discussion any farther. I wondered what he was thinking. Was he thinking I was loco or crazy? Maybe he thought I was a good friend. I hoped that whatever he thought he would tell the truth to Ms. Callie and not make up some story to get me in trouble. I suspected that he wasn’t too mad because, his anger was mainly on Sam, not me, anyway. I had no clue. We limped back to school full of hope that ended to soon as we saw Ms. Callie in the doorway. She was tapping her foot with a vision as deadly as a shark. I shuddered. I thought of what would happen and hopefully it would go as planned.
    “STACY!” she screeched. “Why did you beat up Jamison? My office! NOW!” she commanded. My mouth fell open. I laid Jamison by the side of the slide as I slouched over to Ms. Callie. I trembled hoping she wouldn’t hurt me. Suddenly, Jamison spoke up.
    “It’s not her fault Ms. Callie it’s mine.” He spoke as his head fell down. Ms. Callie looked confused.
    “What? You have…and she? Huh?” She asked.
    “Yes I have a bruised bone, but I started it and she didn’t even hurt me that much just a bloody nose.” He explained.
    “Okay, well then, Jamison go to the clinic and then come down to my office. Stacy come with me.” She ordered. Then she turned around and walked back into the classroom. I looked at Jamison and we smiled. Then I turned and followed Ms. Callie through the doors of the school as kids helped Jamison limp to the nurse’s office. Ms. Callie always had a way of making lectures long. I don’t know what it was but I almost fell asleep as she scolded us about responsibility and bullying. She had this vision where kids got along forever and ever like world peace or something. I almost wanted to explain to her that things didn’t happen that way and never will. When the bell rang, I was relieved. I helped Jamison to his house.
    “Thanks” he murmured under his breath quiet enough that he thought I wouldn’t hear. I let him go and he turned and went into his house. His house and my house were very similar. They were made of brick and had two doors, one in front and one in the back. Jamison was much richer than I. His father had invented some things that I had no record of. As I walked home along the black road I heard something following me. I turned and nothing was there. As I went back to walking the noise kept creeping back. I was getting terrified when something jumped out of the bushes in front of me.