• The rival

    I practice my magic whenever Melody and Sabrina arn't around. Simple things like turning off the lightd to lighting candles. I can do both perfectly now.

    The door opess and Melody sits her head in. " Sarah , classes are starting soon. " Melody points to the clock. " You don't want to be late for class on your first day of classes. "

    " Okay. Coming."

    When we get to class we find out that we are the first people to get there. The only other person in the room is Mrs Elliot. " Where's Sabrina ? "

    " She's probably eating. "

    " Oh okay. "

    A girl with long brown hair enters the class room. There is a set of twins with blond hair following her. She stopps in front of me and Melody. " Oh who is she? "

    " Hello , my name is Sarah. And you ? "

    " Roxy. And this is Bess. " She points to the girl on the left. " And this is Victoria. " SHe points to the girl on the right.

    " Oh can they not talk for themselves. " Sabrina smiles and then sits down.

    Roxy looks at Sabrina then smiles. " Oh good morning Sabrina. "

    " Roxanne you can cut the act everyone here already knows your a spoiled brat" Sabrina stares at Roxanne.

    Melody grins. " You forgot selfish. "

    " Your right Mel. I did forge selfish "

    Roxanne turns bright red. SHe opens her mouth to say something and then closes it again. She flips her hair and then turns around and walks away.

    After math a have science.My science teacher is Mr Roberts. He is a nice middle aged teacher that explains things well.

    " So how was your morning ? " Sabrina asks me at lunch.

    I was in the same math class as Sabrina but as for science and social studies I'm on my own. " It was good. "

    " Cool. What do you have after lunch. "

    " Art , Tecnology and Japanese. "

    " I didn't know you were taking Japanese. "

    " Ya. My grandmother was Japanese. "

    " oh cool. "

    " Where is Mel ? "

    " That's a good question. I Haven't seen her since social studies. "

    " Well I hope she didn't get into trouble. "

    Sabrina bursts out laughing. " Mel in trouble. "

    Later in art Melody explains that she was in the art room talking to our art teacher.

    " I love painting. " Melody says with a smile. " It's so fun. "

    I love art. it's an easy A. " Yes , it's quite fun. "

    Sabrina rolls her eyes. " I prefere Tec. "

    After having act and tec with Sabrina and Melody I have Japanese by myself and I have no clue where Japanese is. SO I ask some random girl in the hall. " Ummm .. excuse me but do you know where Japanese is ? "

    The girl smiles. " I'll show you . I'm going that way anyways. "

    " Okay thanks."

    I sit through a long lecture about Japanese and culture thren finally it is time to go. Mr Yuki says " Oyasumi Nasai " as we leave class which means ' good evening '.