Try to make things up with people...you never know if you can until it's too late.

    "Arisa, let's go to the café downtown," Kai suggested out of the blue.

    "Nah, I don't feel like it," I frowned and chewed on the last bit of my banana.

    I spotted Kai frowning from the corner of my eye and before I could run away, he had already grabbed my arm and pulled me off of the couch. My eyes rolled and I went into the kitchen to throw away the peel of my banana and I turned to Kai with crossed arms.

    "Why should we go to the café?" I interrogated. "Today should be a relaxing day."

    "You're not going to employ the rest of your life in the house just because you graduated," he frowned at me again.

    I glared at him and puckered up my lips in a rude manner as I tapped my foot irritatingly on the kitchen floor and Kai only stared at me with one eyebrow cocked, challenging me, "Okay, fine, you win,"

    Kai smiled, "That's my girl,"

    I groaned and rolled my eyes and went into the hallway to slip my shoes on, not willing to change out of my sweatpants and camisole. Kai helped me into my jacket and we left the house and took off out of the driveway. I sighed and closed my eyes, exhausted and motion sick.

    "I want to sleep," I groaned. "Jerk."

    "You're cute when you're angry with me," he laughed and pat my shoulder. "It's just a little stop at the café, it's no big deal."

    "Fine," I sighed and leaned my head against the window.


    As usual, we sat at the corner booth of the tiny café after ordering our usual brownies and my french vanilla cappuccino. Kai opted to sit next to me this time and I occasionally stole a few bites of his brownie, although I had my own. My laughter nearly exploded when Kai went back up to the cashier and asked for yet another brownie. He loves them as much as he loves onigiris.

    "If you keep that eating up, you'll get fat," I teased.

    "The day I become fat will be the day you eat meat," he teased back.

    That was a good argument; he'd never become fat and I'd never eat meat. I don't think it's even possible for Vampires to become fat, is it? How would I know; I'm from a species that can gain weight, unfortunately.

    "You've got nothing to worry about," Kai rolled his eyes at me. "All hundred and four pounds of you won't go anywhere."

    "Hundred and six now," I corrected.

    "Oh no, break out the weight machine," Kai laughed.

    I would have continued our petty conversation but something came to the corner of my eye. I turned my head and my eyes met with the back of a blond-haired girl at the counter. Realizing it was no other than Chi, I had to grab the instant opportunity to figure things out.

    "Chi!" I called out.

    Luckily, it was her and she whipped around and her eyes widened in shock at seeing me. I hadn't seen her for nearly two months, maybe more. I tried talking to her when I was at Akatsuki's but no conversation would be made. Was she still angry with me?

    "Arisa?" she leaned forward a little to confirm it was me.

    She approached the booth cautiously with her coffee in hand and eyed me, "What are you doing here?" she asked, probably appalled that I actually show my face in town.

    Before I could answer, her expression was curiosity until her eyes averted to the company next to me and her expression changed to a mix of anger and fear. She knew who Kai was. She backed up several inches, never tearing her eyes off of Kai, and she turned to leave the café. I stood up and caught her sleeve right on time and halted her.

    "Chi, wait!" I begged. "Just listen to what I have to say!"

    "I won't!" she glared at me. "Do you have any idea who that man is?!"

    "Of course I do, but just listen, please!"

    I glanced back at Kai and he didn't seem to be moved much by Chi's discovery. He probably expected her to react how she did. I wouldn't blame her for freaking out.

    Chi pursed her lips together and her eyes dashed from Kai to me and vice versa, "Fine, I'll listen,"

    Hesitantly, Chi sat herself on the opposite booth right across from us. She fondled with her coffee cup as the silence drug on. Every now and then, she would avert her eyes to Kai for a split half second and back down. She wasn't astounded at his beauty; she was appalled because she found my kidnapper.

    "Um, Chi..." I started. "I'll bet you recognize Kai, do you not?"

    "Of course I do," she mumbled. "He kidnapped you nine months ago."

    "And...I've been with him the past nine months, excluding one month,"

    "I thought you were with your friend," she peeked at me with accusing eyes behind her bangs.

    "I-I was but a couple of my other friends found me and brought me back," I sighed.

    She burrowed her eyebrows together, "Why are you not afraid of him?"

    I bit my lip, "I was, but..."

    "But what?"

    "Chi, I'm in love with him," I admitted. "I've been in love with him for several months now."

    Her eyes widened once more and they darted to Kai and I, "You..."

    I shifted around nervously, "Yeah..."

    "You're in love...with your kidnapper..."

    "Yes, but Chi, he's really not a bad person,"

    "Arisa, he could have killed you easily!" Chi shouted with tears brimming her eyes. "He could have taken you and easily killed you; yet you still fell for him?!"

    The first thing that came up to my mind when I heard that was the night Kai first attacked me. He almost did kill me then, but it wasn't intentional...kind of. He used to want immortality but he claims he ceased wanting it after seeing my panicked face.

    "He didn't try to kill me," I looked down.

    "Then tell me why you're still with him. Tell me why you've been gone for all of these months without even letting anybody know you are okay. Tell me everything, Arisa."

    I bit my lip and closed my eyes, "I-I wish I could, Chi, but in truth, you won't believe me,"

    "Of course I will," she stared at me. "You're my best friend, I trust you."

    Oh God, how I would want to tell her everything. Even if she was my best friend, she wouldn't believe I was brought into a house with a Vampire, half Vampire, Werewolf, two Angels and now a half Werewolf all because my boyfriend is going to bring me to these two Vampires to devour me. Who wouldn't believe that?

    I shook my head, "I can't, Chi," I sighed. "You wouldn't believe me even if I told you."

    Chi glanced over at Kai once more, "You never intended any harm?"

    I assumed she was talking to me first until my common sense kicked in. Kai stared at Chi for a long moment and he shook his head. It was so hard to carry on this conversation without bringing up something about this secret life.

    "Then why did you take her?" her voice cracked.

    Kai pondered, "It's really a long story," he sighed.

    I shot a quick panic glare at Kai, telling him in my head to not speak a word about our life. We both wanted to tell her, but we can't. We can't risk losing everything.

    "Arisa, do you expect me to just run into you at the coffee store, ask you a few questions, and walk away with no answers? Do you expect me to head back to the orphanage myself, knowing you're heading back with your kidnapper?"

    I ran one hand through my hair and propped my head on my hand. I looked over at Kai and bit my lip, indecisive.

    Should we really tell Chi everything? I asked Kai in my head. Would it be better for her to know?

    Kai pondered for another moment again, It probably would be better if she knew.

    Kai, what if she takes it badly? What if she freaks and goes to the police?

    I don't believe she will, he showed confidence. I trusted him on his word; he was probably in Chi's head, knowing whether she would freak or not.

    From the corner of my eye, Chi stood up and was making her way away from the booth. I reached over in time to grab her sleeve and pull her backwards a little. She turned around with her eyes still brimmed with tears and subtle anger in her complexion.

    I didn't have any more time to think this through. I sat Chi down on the booth and put on my confident face, "Chi, Kai is a Vampire,"