• Alisia went to listen to her iPod. She was still blushing from that morning, the man was handsome.. But what was the thing doing? It was there again... Staring at her. "So. What do you really want? Who are you? Why are you following me?" she asked it. It motioned for her to follow it. It opened the front door and went outside while she followed. It was cold outside, it had been raining for a week and a half straight.. Today was the nicest day for a while. It wrote in the dirt: Hello. I am Yuki. I am not sure if you remember me "If I don't know you then how would I remember you?" Be quiet and I'll explain. "Sorry." You have been forgiven. Now.. I am not sure if you remember me but- your love that got in the car crash a couple years ago.. That was me. he looked at her for an answer. She couldn't take her eyes off the familiar writing and name. She looked at his ghostly figure. "Wh-what? No no.. Everyone said Yuki moved to Greenland and didn't care about me so he said no goodbye..." her voice was quickly cracking. As she fought back tears. I'm sorry. I wish I could have warned you... I wanted to say goodbye after everything was gone. She lost it. Feeling the tears roll down her cheecks. "No. No! Its not possible! You can't be..." I'm sorry. I still love you though. heart "I love you too Yuki." The figure of a hand went on her face. She couldn't feel it, but she could sense the prescence of it and see it.. What did you think I was doing to that man? You seemed to like him. And look at him like you looked at me. I want us to stay together. "I wasn't sure. I want us to stay together too. I miss you... We'll find you some body to stay in. One thats not of a living person if it'll work." He nodded.

    Alisia fell asleep on the couch. Watching The House Bunny. The doorbell rang. She jumped getting up to answer the door. She opened it, "Mom? Lose your key again?" she asked, her mom nodded. "How many is that now?" her mother asked looking into the house, and walking in. "I believe ninth this month...." she answered. "Sounds about right. I'm going to bed now." her mother was picking the lime green nail polish on her fingernails. "When did you go to work this morning." Yuki's ghostly hand was on her shoulder. She could see it out of the corner of her eye. "Uh.. I went to sleep at midnight and woke up at two this morning, to go to work.. Now I'm going to sleep." she said, "Ok well I'm going out for a while." she yelled to her mom as she walked up the stairs and Alisia grabbed a coat by the door. "Kay be good. Be safe. Don't do something I wouldn't do. Don't have sex. Have fun." her mom always needed to state the random facts everytime she left the house... "Promise I won't do anything you wouldn't." she ran outside with Yuki floating at her side. She ran to where that man lived, Alisia could tell Yuki was glaring at her. "Sorry but he can help." she knocked on the door. The door opened a tall, thin dark haired woman answered it. "Dustin door!" she screamed upstairs "Coming.." he yelled back "Thanks." he looked at Alisia confused about why she was looking at nothing that was over her shoulder. "Hey your the girl I returned the iPod to. Right?" She looked back at him "Yeah. Thats me. Wanna hang out today? Like right now?" she asked "Yeah sure. I'm going out!" he yelled the woman yelled something Alisia couldn't hear. She guessed the woman was his mother since they looked so much alike. "So what are we doing today?" he asked curiously looking at her. She kept looking towards the ghost of Yuki. "Looking for bodies." to be exact the body of a young man around the age of 15-19.