• The Maxwell House Part 3


    The 2nd of the two middle families is known as the Last. The family received this name from having the last Centuri vampire of the family. A Centuri vampire is a vampire who isn't burned by the light of day. This wondrous ability was craved by vampires for centuries until a vampiric law stating absolutely no vampire my go out while the sun is out was passed. very un-discrete Centuris where said to be blamed for this law. Those adventures vampires who wore long coats and used umbrellas to enjoy day life came to hate all Centuris. That was all vampires who weren't part of the Maxwell family. To this day the Maxwell family still regards every Centuri they come across with great honor.

    Chase across the table from her dear friend Sam. She looked as if she were on the brink of tears. And yet she boldly had a smile on her face. She took his hands in her and her smile became sad.

    "Sam...I can't take it anymore. Being locked away in this stupid castle all day....living only in the shadows... It's a nightmare.... You know well as does the rest of the family, that I could live in the daylight... If only the laws would allow it... But this torture, it's pushing me to think that it may be worth breaking the law..."

    Sam shook his head frantically. "Chase if you break the law Madam Kara will send her guards after you. They will surely kill you!" He protested

    Chase sighed. "Sam... please listen, I'll die here. Living this way...It breaks my heart... I have nothing against this family, they raised me...I mean,,,this is my family...But I'm different... We can't just pretend I'm not....I'm the last of this family who can survive out in the sun.... So why can't I... because of some stupid law? I'm through hiding, and if that means...that I will die then well, so be it..."

    Sam shook his head again. "I was adopted into this family...hell they all hate me here. I don't belong here just like you don't... but I love you Chase, don't go."

    Chase smiled softly. "I belong in the sun...I won't be gone forever...but will I ever return to this wretched place?" She shook her head sadly. "No...never."