• The light dreamless slumber that had wrapped its warm dark arms around your mind and body was broken by a long howl far from where you rested your tired bones. The song seemed to last an eternity nearly putting you into a trance until that too was shattered, pulling you back into reality and ripping your insides apart. This next howl was a battle cray; high pitched, short and closer. The cry that called all their warriors into place penetrated your flesh right down to the bone.


    Each a different pitch and length creating an uneasy song that filled the nights sky. At least a dozen more night terrorizing voices lifted up, each adding their own part in the symphony, each one getting louder, each one getting shorter, each one getting closer.

    You know this is not a war between different packs or between themselves but against them.. and you. There is no set one direction that the bone chilling sound came from it surrounded you giving you no easy way out. Their sent came to you, slamming their musk upon your nostrils forcing you to take in their every smell, all different, were they the same as you? Or different, but right now none of that mattered.

    You rise from your hidden sancuary moving slowly and silently. This is not your land so it is strange and foreign leading you into deeper parts of the hushed wood leading you to the belly of the beast. There were several packs upon you now, you can hear them moving, crushing twigs and leaves, breathing heavely but still holding on the cool air were those howls, never ending, still calling more to the battle feild... and they were coming.