• Chapter 1. Mary Anne; Crushed

    The gentle wind breezing on my face, my horse's hooves pounding a steady rhythm. We're flying. Letting my horse become real, transforming from porcelain to flesh, in an instant. Best of friends, mates. Beautiful music played as we flew along. White head bobbing up and down as we gallop along the plains. Round and round, circling, slowing now. Ding ding.
    “Little lady,”
    I look up to see a man in his early fifties.
    “It's time to get off, you've been riding the carousel all day long.” He sighed and offered me his hand.
    I didn't want to leave, to get off. Where will I go? I ignored his hand and clutched my doll, Penny. I slid off Snow, my majestic white horse. I walked around to face her. Stroking her hard nose, tears stinging my eyes.
    Take care Mary Anne. Snow whispered. I smiled at her. Looking up and spotting my reflection my smile dimmed. I raised my tiny hand, watching myself in the grand carousel mirror, I waved. I glanced back at Snow.
    “I'll be back tomorrow.” I said to Snow.
    “I know.” I turned to glare at the carousel man. “You're always here.”
    “I beg your pardon sir, but I'm afraid I was not speaking to you.”
    He grunted and turned away.
    I looked back in my reflection. Pale blond hair curled down to my waist. Pale green eyes stared back at me. Pale ivory skin. Everything about me was pale. “Fair Skinned” my mum called it. Mum is gone now. The carousel man behind me grunted again.
    I spun around and pattered pass him, slowing down, memorizing his face. Balding around the top, around 5'9, dead gray eyes stared down at me, and tanned skin gleamed in the moonlight. This face will leave no memories, this face means nothing.
    I decided to head towards the end of the boardwalk. The boardwalk is long and wide. There is a Ferris wheel, a carousel, and other little games. I sit down on a bench and gaze up at the sky. The sun has long gone down, and the moon is the only light now.
    I stifle a yawn. I fail and let it out. I stretch quietly. I hold Penny tighter as I recline back on the bench. Putting my small bare feet on the seat. I fix my dress and lay my head down, preparing myself for another restless sleep. Letting the tears fall freely I sob to Penny about my horrible life, slowly drifting into a fitful slumber.
    I wake up to a horrible thunderstorm. Screaming and squeezing Penny. I jump, shocked by the bright lightning. I hear a terrifying Crack and glance up at a nearby oak tree. I watch it as it falls towards me in slow motion.
    “This is it!” I trill towards the sky. “I'm coming mum! See you soon Daddy!” I shriek into the night and begin to laugh hysterically, then, THUD everything went black.