• Steve wasn't sure why he was at the party. He didn't even know anyone there, and he couldn't remember how he even got there. He was there, though, and that gave him reason enough to stay. While he was getting a drink, a woman passes by, and he could have sworn she winked at him. He sat there, staring, when another party-goer comes up to him.

    "Hey, how are you enjoying the party?" He asks. "Umm, who are you?" "Why, I'm the host of the party! You can just call me Guy." Guy exclaimed. "Ok... I'm Steve." He said, being a bit weirded out by how familiar Guy seemed. Guy asked, "Are you here with anybody?" "No... I don't think so... Sorry, I just can't get her out of my head. I mean, I just saw her, and I don't even know her name." Steve said. Guy took an interest in this. "Ah, a mystery girl, eh? Well, why don't you say hi to her?" Steve just looked at him and started looking for the girl. After a few seconds, Steve replied, "I can't! She's like a mix between a hot chick and... another hot chick... but with a flame thrower, cause she's hot!" "I see," Guy said, thinking really hard about it. "Well, is that her over there?" Steve spun his head around, and amazingly enough, there she is. "Yeah, that's her! Ok, I guess a little hello isn't too much, is it?" "Of course not. Well, see you next time you go drinking." While he was a bit perplexed, Steve stopped caring about it and walked up to the girl.

    "Hi" Steve said a bit sheepishly. The girl turned around, "Huh... Oh, are you ok, Uncle Dylan?" Steve turned around to see if anyone named Dylan would notice she called their name, but no one did. "Who's Dylan?" He asked. The girl gave a nice smile and said, " Oh no, had too much to drink again, didn't you? Ok, I'll take you up to your room and you can take a nice nap, ok?" "My name is Steve, by the way," Dylan said before he faded out.