• in the darkness of salitude
    i cry.
    i cry alone
    i cry in pain.
    i cry in sadness.
    i cry in fear.
    i cry myself to sleep.
    i cry for the loss of a good friend.
    i cry in the depths of my lonley room, for a dear one is gone.
    and for that,
    that is the reason i cry.
    and that is alson the reason i hate.
    and love.
    and shed tears
    for that dear one..
    and for in this dark cruel world,
    there is pain.
    great pain in large anounts.
    the pain enrages me
    to great extents.
    and this rage within me
    might be the cause of many incadents to come.
    and in the there is death.
    many a deaths to those
    not wise enough
    to stay where they belong.
    where they fit in with this universe
    where they are there for
    a reason.
    a good reason too.
    they aren't only there cuz
    they want to be,
    they are there cuz they are
    meant to be.
    and those stupid eonugh to leave from
    where they belong,
    that is what enrages me most.
    for those who
    others to leave from where they belong-
    and they know thats where they are meant to be-
    that is what enrages me.