• S2E1: Stalemate

    (Shows the Snow Level on Halo with two bases)
    (Cut to one side where marines are guarding the entrance and Machine Gun turrets Panning left and right)
    (Camera slowly makes its way to the other side and shows a battle beaten base.. Carnage and destroyed peices scattered across the place)
    (Shows one elite standing in Commando Armor and all the others in Asectic Armor walking and guarding the grounds)
    ^Fade to black^
    Evan: This is the story of how I was lost.
    (Shows covenant torturing this girl and hitting her constantly)
    Evan: I have been stranded in this valley for 5 years. No one has come to save me.
    (Elites throw her outside and shoot at her feet)
    Evan: I now know that they may never come.
    (Marines run across the field shooting at the Elites and kill only one)
    Evan: But that has all changed until now.
    (Marines are killed and it shows her running out into the snow)
    Evan: This is the story of how I escaped.