• Characters

    Toren/Thomas--- 13--- He is the son of the Master Of Darkness. He is Prince Of Darkness.

    Rastor/Richard--- Toren’s father. Doesn’t understand Toren’s desire for a normal life.

    Skylar--- 12--- Toren’s friend from school. She is the only one in school that isn’t scared of him. She is also the only one in school that calls him Toren.

    William--- 15--- Skylar’s older brother. He doesn’t like Toren. He fears for his sister.

    There was a time when darkness ruled our world. We were ruled by the Master Of Darkness. He was soon overthrown. Legend says, that after the Master of Darkness has a son he will grow strong again. The nurse walked into the hospital lobby.
    “Richard Dans. You’re wife has had a baby boy.”
    And so, in the year 1995 Toren (Thomas), prince of darkness was born, and the time of darkness begins again.

    [12 years later
    Chapter one
    “Master Toren, your father wishes to speak to you before school.”
    “Thanks for the message Gregory.” I rolled my eyes as I picked up my schoolbag. Dad just probably wanted to remind me to strike fear in everyone who crosses my path. The usual Prince Of Darkness lesson he always gives me. Although, he pretty much has that covered on his own. I knocked on the door to dad’s study.
    “Who is it?” He boomed.
    “It’s me dad.”
    The door opened and I saw my dad. I had to fight to keep a straight face. While I was dressed in my Guitar Hero tee and jeans, dad was dressed in a white tuxedo shirt, a black cloak and a matching cape. (Think of Snape’s outfit in Harry Potter crossed with Dracula.)
    “Hello Toren.” My father scowled.
    I took a knee like a knight in front of a king. All part of morning ritual in our house.
    “Father.” My dad didn’t even notice my sarcasm.
    “Come in Toren.”
    Dad’s study (He calls it a lair.) is basically the stereotypical room where a dark lord of medieval times would stay. It is as dark as a dungeon and on the desk was a huge spell book.
    “Son, you must start your training.” Dad’s face was solemn.
    “Training father?”
    “As a necromancer.”