• Brother's Eye Trilogy


    tab Krios Eitri lay in his bed looking up to the plain black ceiling. He awaited tomorrow's event: The Monster Jam. He was so close to seeing races, flips, and twists of giant vehicles. He was so exited that he couldn't sleep.
    tab The only reason why he could go was because he lived in Tacoma, WA where the event tool place. His older brother, Nerva, lived in Portland. For that, Krios felt sorry. For half the night he just looked up a the ceiling. Although Krios had the idea that something was happening. Something life threatening. The back of his neck prickled with exitement and fear. Nerva on the other hand was doing fine.
    tab Unlike his brother, Nerva was not interested in sports or races or things in that category. His true interest was comics. He read them, wrote some, and even studied comics. He was currently living in Portland, OR with his father. He read the first issue of Solomon Grundy under his blanket with a flashlight. Solomon was a zombie that could absorb the power of any being. So powerful that he scared Android out of the galaxy. Nera read something about him that made his interest spark.

    Born on Monday,
    Christened on Tuesday,
    Married on Wednesday,
    Took Ill on Thursday,
    Worse on Friday,
    Died on Saturday,
    Buried on Sunday.
    Is this the end of Solomon Grundy?

    tab He did not understand the meaning of this, but he was sure that it wasn't the end. The next day, his brother Krios was killed at the Monster Jam. What happened?