• “So this is Royal institute…” I quietly say to myself as I was standing outside the building and checking it surroundings. I must say this institute is HUGE. About four blocks approximately and two stories high. A nice courtyard and an angel fountain right in the middle. Breathe taking view. Makes you wonder though, what kind of people are in there. I sigh to myself because now I do wonder what kind of institute it is. Damn… I should have listen to Murata when he told me, “Shibuya do some research on Royal Institute before you go. After all, you don’t want surprises” God! That Murata sometimes acts like a know-it-all! But I bet he knew more about it then me!

    I look at my watch and see that it is a minute before 4. Professor von Grantz did tell me I needed to be on time so my duties could be explained.

    “Well no turning back now” I answer myself as I get a hold of the handles and push them open.

    “Wow…” I loudly said in awe of this place. If the outside was breathe taking the inside could not be compare! As I look around I’m able to see many antiques around the lobby. If I’m not mistaken this antiques are from the renaissance period. I come closer to observe one just to make sure.

    “So I am right!” I said out loud with a smile in my face. I knew paying attention in art history class came with its perks and professor Terasoma said all I did was spaced out. Ha! Well as I glanced around I locate the receptionist desk to my left.

    “I suppose that’s where I need to go”

    As I started walking towards it, I’m able to see more of this place. To my right are some contemporary painting and to my left a waiting lounge. The warm red color sofas look welcoming. Am I really in an institute?

    “May I help you?” A lady with medium length black hair asked me from her seat.

    “I’m suppose to meet a Mr.….” and I quickly take out a piece of paper where I had written the information on “Oh yes, Mr. von Christ at four today” I finish.

    “Oh yes, you must be Shibuya, Yuuri” and she stood up from her seat and walked out of the receptionist desk.

    “If you can please follow me…” she concluded as she started walking towards the opposite direction from where I came from. We both were quiet on our way. I’m not much of a talker at times especially with ladies. I still can’t figure out why. Maybe because when I open my mouth baseball is the word that comes out and the girls just decide to ignore me. I sighed as I remember this.

    “Is something wrong Mr. Shibuya?” the receptionist stopped to look at me. I blush at that instant. Guess I was too loud. I quickly placed my hands in front of me as to protect myself.

    “Nnno” I quickly stutter.

    “Very well then” she replied she then pointed towards the door to my left.

    “Mr. von Christ is right behind that door.” She continued.

    “Thank you” I answered and she soon headed back to her desk.

    I walk towards my destination and as I was about to knock the door opens and there standing in front of me is a tall bishonen.

    “Umm… excuse m-“ I was cut off by his squealing and pulling me towards him! What in the world!!!!

    “Look at you! Adelbert didn’t tell me you were so handsome!” Mr. von Christ starts saying as I quickly struggle to break free. I suppose he felt me moving because he soon let go of me and turned around to go back to his seat.

    As I try to catch my breath I place my hands on my knees. He’s stronger then he looks!

    Once I figure I’m ok I compose myself and walked towards his desk.

    “Please Mr. Shibuya, take a seat” Mr. von Christ now more seriously says as he points to one of his leather chairs.

    I nod and do as he says. How can a man go from being clingy to becoming serious in less than a minute!

    As he goes through some of his papers, I’m guessing it’s about my assignment, I look around his office. The atmosphere in the room is quite relaxing. I believe it has to do with the way the office was fix; a few paintings adorning the room, a bookshelf to my right, quite large in my view, and a few indoor plants around the office, in addition to having the windows open facing the courtyard.

    He coughs to get my attention and I blush as I apologize, “I’m sorry”” I say as I placed my hand behind my back and give him one of my so-called goofing grins. At this he squeals and stands up as he slams his hands on his desk, “this is unforgettable! How can Adelbert do this to you?!”

    I get startle by his actions and wish to actually get away from him really, REALLY soon.

    “Umm… actually—” and I get interrupted again!

    “No matter! I’m grateful to that man for sending you here!” he exclaims as he stood from his seat and heads to the door.

    I really don’t like where this is going. What kind of volunteering work do I suppose to do! I really should have listened to Murata…

    “Please Mr. Shibuya—” this time I interrupt him, ha!

    “You can call me Yuuri since I’ll be here helping for a while” I say with a smile.

    “Very well, then please call me Günter, Yuuri” He responds, showing me a gentle smile, surpassing mine, and I sweat drop in return as I stand up to follow him out of his office.

    “Umm…Günter” I start saying with embarrassment, “Royal Institute, what is it about” I conclude stopping Günter in his track.

    “You mean Adelbert didn’t inform you what you were going to do” He responded with an annoyed look on his face. I just shook my head. Günter just send a frighten vibe, so I was scared to say anything

    He sighed and started walking again and I caught up to walk next to him, “Royal Institute is an institution for children that are hard of hearing or deaf. Most of these children are taught to sign and in some cases are able to learn to speak, depending on the situation of course.”

    “Oh” was the only thing that came out of my mouth. I just don’t know how I’ll be able to help here. Why did professor von Grantz send me here?

    I was about to ask when, “I know you might be wondering Yuuri why you’re here” and I just nodded as we are now heading to the backyard. “Well we have a volunteer center in the second floor where some of our students are place in a scenario where they need to talk and be able to maintain a conversation. Of course ever level is different. We also have volunteers that are able to sign and speak and they take the tasks of some of our deaf students. Unfortunately, we are running a bit low on our volunteering section and I went to Adelbert to see if we were able to recruit some of his students and staff, which brought you here.” He finished explaining with a smile on his face. Now that made sense. I’m Professor’s von Grant's guinea pig!

    We soon stopped walking once we reached the backyard. If the courtyard was breath taking and the inside of the institute was beyond word, the backyard was unexplainable!

    The backyard is full of green trees with a small lake in the middle. There are a few walking paths adorn with benches. So many different kinds of flowers adorn the outside as well. Some tables are scatter around, I guess to study or to have lecture, the yard. I’m able to spot a building adjacent from where we came out from and I just had to know what that building was for, “Gunther what’s that building for” I ask as I point towards it. Günter glanced towards where I point, “Oh yes, that’s our dormitory for some of our students” he says proudly.

    “Ah, ok” I replied.

    “Well shall we go?” Günter asks me. I turn to look at him and nod. Go where? I wanted to ask but couldn’t. As we start walking, I realize that we head to the dormitory.

    The dormitory had a comfortable aura to it, more like a homey feeling per se. It had a lounge area with a chimney to the side. A few students were just sitting down relaxing and having conversations around that area. Of course, I don’t know what kind since they are signing to each other. But since I too am a student, it has to be either do to a teacher, homework, parents, or friends. They all look happy and at this I smile. There is just something about the atmosphere that I liked. As I was about to turn to follow Günter, when I spotted what a would consider a true bishonen for he had blonde hair that could compare to the sun, dark green beautiful eyes, and had red rosy lips that look…. I quickly snapped out that trance since I wasn’t definitely not send here to admire, especially about a boy!, but somehow I was wondering why was he all alone in one of the chairs instead of hanging out with the rest. He looked lonely… and I really wanted to go to him.

    “hmmm?” I was in such a trance as I answered to what seemed to be Gunther trying to get my attention.

    “Why is he all by himself?” I asked as I turned to look at Gunther. For the first time that day since our encounter, Gunther had an unreadable expression as he glanced towards where the said bishonen was.

    “He’s just having a hard time settling in” Gunther answered and next thing I knew he started heading to where we needed to go in the first place living no time for me to ask more.

    As we entered what seemed to be yet another office, Gunther pulled out a file from a cabinet and signal for me to sit down by a table. I did as I was told and Gunther sat at the sit next to mine.

    “These are the forms I need you to fill out for us. They are instructions as to what we expect of you. This other paper tells you about our rules and regulations; this is for emergency information, and last but not least the application itself.” Gunther was explaining to me sheet by sheet as if I was incompetent of figuring it out myself.

    He stood to get a pen when someone barged into the room.

    “I’m sorry to disturb you Mr. von Christ, but you’re needed in the lounge” said a young man

    “Ah, of course” Gunther answered as he reached for a pen.

    “Here Yuuri, please fill the forms and I’ll be back as soon as possible.” And just like that they both left.

    I started filling the forms out, which were really long!, when I started spacing out and started thinking about that boy. There was something about him…


    That sound startle me out of my train of thoughts and I quickly rose up and headed to the door. As I slightly open to peak outside I heard footsteps heading to the lobby

    “Is he at it again!”

    “Man! This is the third time in less than a week!”

    That got my attention and decided to see what was going on myself. I headed out as quickly as possible towards where the action was that I didn’t notice where I was going when I bumped into someone.

    “Opph!” As I looked up to see who it was I decided to quickly apologize. “I’m sorry! I didn’t look where I was going”

    “It’s ok” was all he answered in a suave way and as I focus, I saw yet again another bishonen! What kind of place is this! Ugh! Am I going to stand out!

    “Ah…” was all I answered before I looked where that bishonen was headed. I saw that as soon as he got near the trouble maker, the people trying to stop what I assume was fight, made way for him.

    “The nerve of that spoiled brat!” Gunther irritably mention.

    “Huh?” I said out loud to no one in particular.

    “Gunther please, he’s just getting adjusted to this” that bishonen responded very suave and this time offered a carrying smile. I really need to take some pointers from that guy!

    As I looked towards the ones in trouble I realized that it was that boy! The one that reminds me of an angel that had fallen from heaven, whose sin was his very own beauty…

    “It doesn’t matter! He is old enough to act like a young adult and not some child!” Gunther continues venting. I soon lost interest in their arguments and decided to just stare at the angel.

    He was red from anger I suppose yet his eyes looked pain. I couldn’t bear it anymore. I wanted to go and hug him and say everything was going to be alright when he sprinted out of there and towards the yard.

    “Wolfram!” the other bishonen said and ran after him.

    Gunther looked distress and sighed, “Dorcas, please write a full report of this and send it to Mr. von Voltaire…”

    “Yes sir!” The man whose name is Dorcas replied and quickly headed out.

    Gunther looked towards where I was standing and decided to walk towards me, “Ah Yuuri, I’m sorry about the commotion.”

    I just shook my head, “It’s ok Gunther…” and he soon lead me back to the office.

    As I was about to finish I stopped and faced Gunther, “Umm… Gunther?” I asked

    “Yes?” He answered with sparkling eyes?

    “Who is that boy?” and as I asked his expression changed and I felt like I just asked something I shouldn’t have, “Not that is any of my business and all!” I quickly added and decided it was best for Yuuri Shibuya to just finish his application. As I signed the last sheet he replied, “He’s one of our new students. Unfortunately hes case is a bit different from the rest of our students making it a little bit more difficult for the rest of us”

    “Ah” I replied.

    As I placed the very lash sheet on the table, about time, I stood from where I was and stretched. I mean I’ve stretched in front of people a dozen times but Gunther started to nosebleed. What the!

    And next thing you know he quickly stood from where he was and headed to the window.

    “I’m sorry it took longer than expected Yuuri” Gunther said still facing the outside

    “No, I understand” I replied

    “So I shall see you tomorrow at 4 here in this office” Gunther replied and headed to the door.

    “I’m sorry I can’t walk you out, but I have to meet someone in a few minutes” He continues and was about to leave when out of nowhere he pounced on me and glomp me!

    “If it wasn’t for that brat I would have spend more time with you!” he whined to himself

    “Umm, can’t breathe” I was able to say with what little air I had and he soon let go of me and headed out quickly. I blinked a few times as to what had just happen and I heard something like ‘a few minutes more alone with him and I would have lost my senses’ I really don’t want to know what he meant by that, but just shiver in thought.

    As I headed out of the Royal institute it was around 7 in the evening.

    “Boy I’m starving!” I said as I started walking on the courtyard towards the exit taking a snack bar from my pocket when I saw the angel, whose name is Wolfram hiding behind a tree. He kind of look cute like that. Cute? Now wait just a minute! And as I was struggling with myself I felt someone staring at me. I looked towards him and I saw him looking back at me. I couldn’t do anything but blush and decided to walk towards him.

    I guess he wasn’t please since he was glaring at me, that if he could burn me out of existence he would have done it right there. I gulped at this.

    “H-hey” I shyly said to Wolfram whom was still glaring at me. So I figure I continue, “My name’s Yuuri and I’ll be coming here starting tomorrow.” As I finish he just raised an eye-brow

    “I know you don’t know what I’m saying” I quickly added “but I really wanted to talk to you since earlier today…”I finish saying and he just blushed.. Wha-wait! What! He understood! And just ‘o’ as a response and I blushed.

    “So I guess you understand what I’m saying” I concluded as I gave him one of my grins as I scratched the back of my head. It seemed as if he was about to respond but stopped right on his tracks… and he’s expression quickly changed. He looked sad as if he had forgotten I was there and soon realized that I was starring and gave me a heated hated glare!

    “H-hey!” I safely answered placing my hands in front of me as to protect myself. He ‘hmph’ and turned the other way. We stood quiet for a few minutes when I heard a growl. Damn! I must really be hungry but when I heard it again I realize it wasn’t me but Wolfram. I looked towards him and he quickly noticed I too had heard him and decided to walk away.

    “Wait!” I quickly said as I got a hold of his wrist. He turned towards me as if trying to say ‘What!’ and I handed him my snack bar.

    “I’m not really hungry” he took it and blushed and loosens the grip I had on him and left quickly. I just shook my headed and smiled

    “Welcome!” I yelled and headed towards the exit. As I was finally was out and glanced back to the institution I sighed, “I hope to see you tomorrow again Wolfram” I whispered to myself as I slightly blushed. Volunteering at the Royal Institute was going to be one interesting adventure…


    A/N: Well it's not perfect and yes, grammar errors are there, and I promise to fix them!