• Chapter 3

    waking up was... one of the most unpleasurable expereinces i had in my first two days of my life, but im sure it would have been better if it wasnt so similar to the first time i woke up. the womansat awake in her bed terrified and wide eyed staring at me. i knew what had happened as she did. her alarm hadnt gone off so the collar wasnt removed, the only back up for the unbelevable event she had just witnessed.it seems as if i had transformed, back to human, right before her eyes. it felt awful to know i had lost a freind, esspecialy it being my first. we stared at eachother for several moments until i realised i was naked... yeah that was humiliating enough. i asked "um, you wouldnt happen to have some clothes would you?" and those words seemed to surprise her even more than my transformation.


    after i got dressed in her ex boyfreinds clothes, i went into the bathroom to try to fix myself up. i wore a black un-zipped hoodie with a red tie and a white t-shirt underneath it. blue jeans, incredibly baggy, and huge headphones around my neck. i had curly brown hair and yellow eyes. i looked kinda rugged so i shaved and headed back out nervously to try and talk to her. when i got out she had seemed to return to her senses.she was sitting at her table, still in her blue pajamas with a cup of coffee in her hands, with another cup on the other side of the table. she motioned me to sit and i did. she was the first to speak.

    "i dont beleive weve met," she chuckled nervously. "you are?"


    "ok, and how long have you been jet?"

    "since yesterday when we both decided i was."

    a long silence. i asked "soo whats your name then?"

    "oh right sorry im alice." alice blushed a little but kept her composure

    another akward silence. "would you like me to explain?"

    "so very much."

    i took a sip of coffee and sat it down on the table and told her everything.


    she seemed to understand.

    alice said "im an intern at a medical hospital in the research of science. what your telling me isnt impossible but very unlikely. can you control these transformations?"

    "no," i sighed " but the doctors had a switch, so its not impossible to control."

    she nodded "can you trust me?"

    "i dont know can i trust you alice?"

    she said "did you like the coffee?"

    "the best coffee i ever had." we laughed. but then she began to count backwards.

    "5, 4, 3 ,2..." she didnt even get to 1 before i was knocked out


    yeah i was beggining to really ******** hate waking up. waking up on the dinning room table with a major headache and a blonde standing over you with a bloddy knife was not the ideal way to live. my first word this time i seemed to like more than my other first words "did you learn nothing from my story? anestesias dont work on wolf people robot... things!"

    "yeah your welcome there buddy. can you try something? can you want to be a wolf?"

    "...why the hell would i want to be a wolf? i hate being a "puppy" ok? ******** you and your demon coffee!" i got up ran through the sliding door to the poorch to try to "ninja" my way down 3 storys to ground level. and thats when i realized that i had ran to the poorch on 4 hairy legs.

    "your so paying for that window." she said

    i transformed into a human and said "fine ill go get the money somehow..."

    she threw something at me "here, put this in your ear, i gave you somemore upgrades that ill tell you abut on your way to wherever your going."

    i put it in my ear and a sering pain insued "AGH! what the hell lady?"

    "its alice remember? and it dissolved in your ear youll always hear me now."

    "yeah because thats exactly what i want!"

    "just go!" and i left