• "hello my dearest Lunaria." A guy stepped in from the shadows. Smirking.

    The girl grunted and from one of the massive bookshelves walked back to her favorite spot. An armchair beside a window. "Since when have I been your dearest?"

    He went nearer and put his arm around her shoulders, "Since ever. Don't you notice my flaring eyes for you?"

    She laughed, "From annoyance? From anger? Yeah, I do. Alright, seriously, why do you keep following me?" She pushed his arm away and looked straight at his golden-ish eyes and silver hair that both glintd in the fireplace and full moon.

    "Oh dear, oh dear. Why don't you believe me? You still don't remember anything?" he stood straighter, "Even about me?"

    She also stood up both angrily, "look bud, I wasn't born yesterday, I'm 19 yrs. old. I have a much better memory than most people. And I do not. I repeat, I clearly do not remember anything about you before that masquerade. So would you please stop following me around and pretend that you own me or something!"

    "I feel that you're still sore about that boy." He said now serious and a bit scary.

    She twitched, "Shut up." Then sat back down and tried to read but she kept thinking about the party.

    She clenched her book tightly and looked out the window.
    Though it was night, the moon shone brightly through all of the massive 15-foot windows, creating a surreal almost dreamy effectfrom one of the colorful top panels.